Sherwood Warriors victorious over Paint Branch Panthers

The Panthers of Paint Branch HS came to play the Warriors of Sherwood HS in a battle of the Titans. The Panthers are 7-0 and the Warriors are 6-1.
The Warriors win the toss and elect to receive, with the opening kick off the Warriors only return it for a short distance with a pack of Panthers making the stop. Warriors #30 Nicholas Comeau catches a pass for a gain of 30 yards, and moves into Panthers territory. #1 Travis Levy rushes for a gain of 15 yards, then #1 Levy catches a pass for a quick 25 yard touchdown, extra point is no good, Warriors 6 Panthers 0 with 10:04 left in the 1st. The extra point was snapped over the holders head and the kicker recovered and attempted to throw a pass which was incomplete. Warriors #17 Ehimen Ikhelca runs down and sacks Panthers QB #1 Armani Ceballos for a short loss. Panthers start moving the ball down field and scores on a pass to #3 JD Guerrero, the extra point is good, Panthers 7 Warriors 6 with 7:32 left in the 1st. The Warriors come up short and on 4th and 6 forced to punt, Panthers call for a fair catch and is tapped by a Warrior, and decides to take of and run the ball, and goes about 40 yards, the punt return is called back for a block in the back penalty.

Panthers starting on their own 20 yard line, #1 Ceballos does a keeper and is taken back for a short loss, and comes up to 4th and 11 and forced to punt. #1 Levy loses the ball near the sidelines and the ball goes out-of-bounds, allowing the Warriors to retain procession, Warriors #9 Shawn Bliss is sacked for a loss of about 8 yards, and come to a 4th and 18, and punt which goes into the end zone allowing the Panthers to start on their own 20. Panther #1 Ceballos scrambles towards the sidelines while looking to throw a pass and does a keeper picking up a 1st down. The Panthers go to the line and then are called for too many men on the field, and lose 5 yards making it 2nd and 15. Panther #5 Gibbs Tinne, rushes a few times and picks up about 5 yards each time, then face a 4th and 7 and line up to go for it, but punts, which goes for about 45 yards after bouncing several times. Warriors #1 Levy breaks out on a run up the middle and gains about 30 yards, followed by being taken down in the backfield. With a 12 yard pass to #7 Christian Willis the Warriors pick up a 1st down. End of the 1st quarter score Panthers 7 Warriors 6.

#1 Levy starts the 2nd quarter with a run for a gain of about 15 yards, followed by a pass to #7 Willis for another Warrior 1st down. #1 Levy rushes in for a 4 yard touchdown, on the extra point attempt, the holder takes the ball and runs towards the sidelines to throw a pass and it is incomplete, and the Panthers are called for roughing the passer, #1 Levy rushes in for the extra point with 10:54 remaining in the 2nd, score Warriors 14 Panthers 7. Short kick off with no return, followed by a Warriors sideline violation warning. Panthers come up to a 4th and 12 the punt is tipped and only goes about 10 yards, allowing the Warriors to start on the Panthers 32, followed by a 35 yard touchdown pass to #7 Willis, that is caught in the end zone, extra point kick is good, Warriors 21 Panthers 7, with 9:13 left in the 2nd. Panthers complete a pass and rushes a few yards, come up to 4th and 1, and line up to go for it, they come up short, the refs confer, the call that was a 1st down play and now it is 2nd down and 15. Not sure how they came up with the call? It really does help the Panthers come back to a 4th and 14 and with a short punt. Panthers connect on a pass for a gain of about 50 yards, and are at 1st and 10 on the Warriors 21 yard line, #2 Cedric Content picks up about 8 on a short pass, Panthers come to a 4th and 12 from the 23 yard line, and throws incomplete pass allowing Warriors to take over, #1 Levy picks up about 18 yards, followed by a short gain, Warriors come to a 4th and 8 with 1:11 and punt. Panthers move to mid field and get a short gain on a pass to #23 Justin Hockaday, and come to another 4th down, they line up to go for it and throw an incomplete pass. Warriors take over with about 20 seconds, and throw an approximately 43 yard pass to score, extra point attempt is good, score going into halftime Warriors 28 Panthers 7

The Panthers come out after halftime and look a little more energized, connecting to #2 Content for a gain of about 20 yards,and pick up a few 1st downs getting deep into Warrior territory. #23 Hockaday looks as if he runs it in for a 15 yard touchdown, but they mark it on the one foot line. #2 Content runs it in for a touchdown, extra point attempt is good, score is Warriors 28 Panthers 14 with 10:30 left in the 3rd. The Panthers attempt an onside kick, Warriors recover and will start at mid field. Warriors QB Shawn Bliss connects to #2 Marcus Simms for a 1st down, they come up to a 4th and 12 after a short loss on a keeper and an incomplete pass, they punt and it bounces into the end-zone and set the Panthers to start on their own 20. Panthers connect to #2 Content for a gain of 9, they get called for illegal procedure, followed by a sack of #1 Ceballos for a short loss, backs up to a 4th and 12, Warriors call for a fair catch near mid field. #1 Levy breaks a run towards the sideline for a gain of about 9, then a false start and an incomplete pass, #30 Comeau gains a few on as short run, now at a 4th and 6, on Panthers 38, they go for it and pick up 18 yards for a 1st down on a pass to #1 Levy. Warriors connect a 7 yard pass to #2 Content for a touchdown, extra point is good, score is Warriors 35 Panthers 14 with :50 seconds remaining in the 3rd.

Mid way in the 4th, Panthers #1 Ceballos connects to #7 Ivan Nnadi for a touchdown and the extra point attempt is good, score now warriors 35 Panthers 21 with 7:07 left in the game. The Warriors final score comes from a 20 yard pass to #3 Bob Jonjo and the extra point being good, that now puts the Warriors at 7 and 1 along with the Panthers at 7 and 1 for the season.

Final Score Sherwood 42 Paint Branch 21

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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