Sherwood wins over Blair

The Blazers of Montgomery Blair HS traveled to play the Warriors of Sherwood HS. The Warriors win the toss and elect to receive the kickoff, Warriors #5 Leo Hanrahan returns the kickoff approximately 60 yards setting them to start on the Blazers 29 yard line. Warriors #1 Travis Levy makes a break and score on a 29 yard run down the center of the field for the first score of the game, extra point is good, Warriors 7 Blazers 0, 11:39 left in the 1st. Warriors kick a scrib kick that bounces down to the Blazers 22 yard line. Blazers do a short run and pass and end up punting on 4th and 5, allowing the Warriors to start near mid field. Warriors uses #2 Marcus Simms for a few short runs and passes, the Warriors end up getting 3 illegal procedure penalties in a row, setting the Warriors up for a 2nd and 22. Warriors pass to #1 Levy for 30 yard reception and picking up a 1st down. After a few hand offs to #1 Levy the Warriors again pick up a 1st down, then followed by a hand off to #1 Levy who is taken down in the backfield for a short loss. Warriors #1 Levy takes the snap and makes a short run to the Blazers 5 yard line, #1 Levy runs up the middle a the second touchdown of the game, extra point is good, Warriors 14 Blazers 0.

With 2:09 left in the 1st, Blazers #8 Clifford Carter for a short loss, followed by a catch for a 1st down, and they line up to go for it on a 4th and 12, and the Quarterback #4 Desmond Colby is sacked by Warrior #3 Bob Jonjo, with a holding penalty on the Warriors now setting the Blazers up for a 4th and 2, and the Blazers get a false start moving it to a 4th and 7, and fail to convert.
End of 1st quarter Warriors 14 Blazers 0

Warriors #1 Travis Levy sprints down the sidelines for a 40 yard gain, to advance to the Blazers 40 yard line, followed by a pass to #1 Levy for a gain of 25 yards. On the play there was a personal foul which moves the ball to the Blazers 7 yard line, the Warriors have a penalty and loss of yards and come up to a 4th and 21, they go for a field goal and it no good with 10:09 left in 2nd. Blazers #5 Eric Zokouri picks up 15 on a run up the middle, the Warriors get called for a personal foul and move the Blazers to mid field. Blazers #5 Zokouri takes the hand off and picks up another 1st down, Blazers #4 Colby is sacked for a short loss, and come to a 4th and 13, and line up to go for it, and throw an incomplete pass. Offsetting penalty’s on the play for unsportsmanlike conduct on both Blazers and Warriors. Warriors take over on the Blazers 39 yard line, they are having trouble moving the ball now, and come up to a 4th and 9, the hand off is bobbled and they come up on a loss of about 15 yards. There is penalty on the play against Blair, this time for a sidelines violation. Blazers hands off to #6 J’den Seals for a gain of about 14, followed by a pass to #10 Chris Green who picks up about 6 yards. Blazers #6 Seals takes the hand off and picks up 6 getting a 1st down. The Blazers have trouble moving the ball and come to a 4th and 9, and picks up the 1st down on a pass to #15 Chris Butler with a gain of 14. Now the Blazers are on the goal line and #4 Colby is pushed into the end-zone for the Blazers 1st touchdown, the extra point is good, Warriors 14 Blazers 7 with :35 seconds left in the 2nd.
Halftime Score Warriors 14 Blazers 7

Due to a personal commitment I had to leave at halftime.

Final Score Sherwood 35 Blair 20

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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