Seneca Valley rolls over Watkins Mill 61-0

With the start of Friday night game being delayed by 1 and half hours, features the Screaming Eagle of Seneca Valley HS and the Wolverines of Watkins Mill HS. To start the game the Screaming Eagles are set to receive, the Wolverines do a short kickoff, and is recovered on their own 47 yard line. Seneca runs a few short runs, and pickup 1st down, with the ball on the Wolverines 41 yard line, Wolverines #6 Isaac Adams is applying some heat to the Seneca’s #11 Clarence Gaskins forcing a short pass to sidelines, going to a 4th and 2, they go for it and they convert, with a short run by #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt, then #3 Antonio Fox scores on a 21 yard run, extra point good, Screaming Eagles 7-0 with 10:23 left in the 1st. The ensuing kickoff goes into the end zone and sets the Wolverines to start on their own 20. Wolverines #8 Markel Grant tosses it to #2 Brian McNeary who tries a pass that is over thrown. Wolverines #8 Markel Grants hands off to #2 Brian McNeary who fumbles on a 3rd and 2, the fumble is recovered by #21 Michael Prophet, Jr. setting up a 4th and 10 to punt. Seneca Valley will start on own 33 yard line, with a short pass to #3 Antonio Fox, Wolverines gets a holding penalty, and then turns around and gets a side lines penalty, giving Seneca Valley 30 yards for free. Seneca Valley is now on the Wolverines 18 yard line, short pass to #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt and picks up 10 yards, followed by a short run by #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt for a touchdown, extra point is good Seneca Valley 14-0 7:03 left in the 1st.

Wolverines #2 Brian McNeary returns the kick off for a gain of about 15 yards. Wolverines #8 Markel Grant drops back for a pass and ends up fumbling the ball, and is recovered by Seneca Valley on the 25 yard line. Seneca Valley pass connects with #8 Cortez Lee Chase-Ervin for a 25 yard touchdown, extra point is good, Seneca Valley 21-0 with 6:39 left in the 1st. Wolverines #2 Brian McNeary returns the kick off about 20 yards. #8 Markel Grant does a keeper and heads to the sidelines with out a gain, goes to a 4th and 12, and punts from their own 20 yard line. Seneca Valleys #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt breaks out on a run and picks up about 20 yards. Followed by a few short passes including one to #8 Cortez Lee Chase-Ervin, who scores a touchdown, extra point is blocked, Seneca Valley 27-0 with 5:41 left in the 1st. Wolverines #86 Schezarone Carter returns the kick off about 20 yards. The Wolverines can not move the ball and ends up punting, Seneca Valley gets an encroachment penalty. Seneca Valley starts with a pass to #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt who picks up about 40 yards, now on the Wolverines 30 yard line. Short passes are gaining ground, followed by a short run by #32 Darius Golston to pick up the 1st down. #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt picks up about 8 yards on a short run, then come to a 4th and 5, and fail to convert, giving the Wolverines the ball on their own 13 yard line. The ball is over snapped and goes over #8 Markel Grant’s head, going into the end zone, Seneca Valley recovers it for a touchdown, they go for 2 points and convert on a short run by #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt, score Seneca Valley 35-0, with 2:16 left in the 1st. Wolverines #10 Devonte Bruff returns the kick off for about 10 yards, followed by a short run up the center by #2 Brian McNeary for a gain of 6 yards, then throws an incomplete pass, setting up a 4th and 13, forced to punt, Seneca Valleys #8 Cortez Lee Chase-Ervin returns it for a touchdown, but there is a flag on the play and they are called for a block in the back, so no touchdown and sets up Seneca Valley on the 17 yard line. #13 Dawayne Kelley on a short run, stopped by Wolverines #2 Brian McNeary end of 1st quarter Seneca Valley 35-0

Starting the 2nd, Seneca Valleys #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt runs it in for touchdown, extra point no good, with 11:43 left in the 2nd, Seneca Valley 41-0. Wolverines #2 Brian McNeary returns the kick off for about 25 yards, with a penalty on Wolverines. They then do a quick shuffle pass to #2 Brian McNeary who picks up about 22 yards and a 1st down. They still can not move down field and are forced to punt on 4th and 11, and Seneca Valley does not return it, then a quick pass for a 73 yard touchdown, extra point is good, score Seneca Valley 48-0, with 8:52 left in the 2nd. Wolverines #86 Schezarone Carter returns the kick off for a 30 yard gain, Seneca Valley picks up a penalty and then the Wolverines get a penalty for too many men on the field. #8 Markel Grant goes for a keeper and ends up with a short loss, comes up to a 4th and 18 after an incomplete pass, punt from their own 40 yard line, Seneca Valley bobbles and fumbles the return, Seneca Valley #6 Donovan Beckett-Simms who returns is for a 50 yard gain. Seneca Valley #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt rushes for 18 yards and picks up a 1st down, with a block in the back penalty. #11 Clarence Gaskins picks up about 5 on a keeper, #11 Clarence Gaskins goes to throw a pass and hits the back of a player and catches it and tries to run, but is stopped at the line of scrimmage. Setting up a 4th and 14, with a short punt, the Wolverines starting on own 15 yard lines, come to 4th and 9, with a short punt, Seneca starts on the Wolverines 40 yard line. Seneca Valley comes up short and winds up with a 4th and 17, another short punt. Wolverines #14 Victor Granados picks up a 1st down, and then they run out of time and it is halftime.

Final Score Seneca Valley 61 Watkins Mill 0

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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