Magruder can’t stop Seneca Valleys Offense

Seneca Valley go for a fourth and 13 and fails to convert. Magruder gets the ball back on the 30 but were 3 and out. Seneca Valley #32 runs in a 7 yard touchdown with 2:47 left in the first quarter. The Screaming Eagles go for a 2 point conversion, but fail. #9 for Magruder fumbles the snap and #9 for Seneca Valley picks up the football and run it in for an Screaming Eagles touchdown. They go for 2 and convert by a run from #7 with 2:43 left in the 1st, 14 – 0. Magruder fumble the punt snap and is down on the 2 yard line. #32 the Eagles run in without being touch for touchdown 21-0 1:05 left in the 1st quarter. 4th down for Magruder, they try a trick punt but fail to convert. The Screaming Eagles began to push down the field, #7 runs in a 17 yard touchdown, extra point was no good 27-0.10:27 2nd quarter. Later in the game, The Screaming Eagles get to ball from Magruder after 3 and out. #7 for the Screaming Eagles runs in an easy 5 yard touchdown. Magruder stops Seneca Valley 2-point conversion 33-0 4:25. With minutes left in the first Half Seneca Valley #7 runs a 43 yard touchdown. Magruder prevents Seneca Valley 2-point conversion 39 2:15. End of first Half.

Final Score Seneca Valley 53 Magruder 24

Story and Photos by Kyle Hall

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