Watkins Mill beats Poolesville

1st play Watkins Mill  #7 Antony Zavalav runs 70 yards for a touchdown. it was called back and then they went 3 and out. Poolesville goes went 3 and out and punts. The Wolverines get called with roughing the kicker. The Falcons gets a fresh sets of downs. Later in the first quarter Poolesville  punts and it hits #12 Luis Jimenez for Wolverines, Poolesville recover the fumble at the 50 yard line. #2 Brian McNeary for Wolverines intercept the pass at the 18 yard line in their territory. Wolverines QB #8 Markel Grant fumble at the end of the 1st quarter which put them on the 6 yard line for a Wolverines punt to start the 2nd quarter.

The Falcons running back #4 Jonathan Hetrick runs in a 7 yard touchdown with 4:46 left in the 2nd Quarter. Wolverines #8 Markel Grant throws touchdown pass to #9 Daquan Wims but get called back because of ineligible man down field and receive negative 5 yards. #8 Markel Grant throw 56 yard pass to #86 Schezarone Carter for Wolverines, the completion put them within the 5 yard line. The Wolverines get call with illegal procedure and get pushed back 5 yards. #8 Markel Grant take off running on 4th down but doesn’t make it in the end zone, which took them into halftime 7-0 Poolesville.

With 7:21 on the clock Wolverines go for it on 4th down and inches and convert. #40 sack #8 Markel Grant for the lost of 13 yards. That help The Falcons set up the punt from Wolverines #8 Markel Grant pass to #9 Daquan Wims for 52 yard completion that put them on the 20 yard line in Poolesville territory. 2 minutes left in 3rd on a 4th and 5 on Poolesville 15 yard line for Wolverines #8 Markel Grant throws to #25 Jean Axel Kouadio for the 1st and gain of 10 yards. Put them on the 2 yard line. #8 Markel Grant QB sneak it into the end zone. 7-7 tied game.  At the end of the 3rd. Poolesville goes 3 and out. Giving the ball to the Wolverines on the on their 47.

Wolverines #2 hurdles a Falcon player and receive 15 yard penalty for the hurdle. #8 Markel Grant complete the pass to #9 Daquan Wims for 15 yards plus face mask which put the Wolverines on Poolesville 5 yard line. With 8:14 left in 4th # 8 Markel Grant for the Wolverines throws a touchdown pass to Wolverines #25 Jean Axel Kouadio who receives a penalty for unsportsmanlike and was put on the 18 yard line for the extra point try and went for 2 and failed to convert. 4th down for the Falcons Wolverines #9 int the ball on the 50 with left in the 4th. Wolverines go 3 and out with 2:03 left on the clock. Poolesville gets the ball on their 47 yard line and get called with holding and get pushed back, on 4th and 24 for the Falcons with 37.7 seconds left the QB throws a pass and it went in and out the hands of #1 . Wolverines end the game by taking a knee to end the game.

Final Score Watkins Mill 13 Poolesville 7

Story by Kyle Hall
Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/10-01-2015-Watkins-MIll-HS-vs/