Seneca Valley holds off Northwest for the Win!

The Screaming Eagles of Seneca Valley HS traveled to play the Jaguars of Northwest HS for the Kings Trophy.

Northwest wins the toss and defer to the 2nd half. Seneca Valley gets the ball and goes 3 and out and is forced to punts on a 4th and 15, which only goes a short distances, giving the Jaguars good field position. The Jaguars start moving the ball and picks up a few 1st downs, Seneca Valley #22 Zae Wright intercepts a Northwest pass and takes over on their own 20 yard line. Seneca #32 Darius Golston picks up a 1st down rushing, they fumble a hand off and recover it for a short loss of yards and are forced to punt on 4th and 10. Jaguars #4 Khalil Owens is moving the ball down field. The Jaguars fumble and Seneca Valley #10 Dione Jordan recovers it and returns it down the side line for a 52 yard touchdown, extra point attempt is good putting the Screaming Eagles on the board first 7-0, with 1:33 left in the 1st. Jaguars #3 Devin Vann catches a pass for a 20 yd gain, to end the 1st quarter. Seneca Valley 7 Northwest 0.

With a 4th and 7 Northwest goes for a quarterback keeper #11 Mark Pierce and convert to a 1st down, during the tackle #11 Mark Pierce loses his helmet and has to come out for a play. The Screaming Eagles are making big defensive hits and are limiting the gains of the Jaguars offense. Northwest runs the QB Keeper again allowing #11 Mark Pierce to get the ball to the Seneca 1 yard line. Northwest is on the goal line with a 4th and 3 and fail to score. Seneca Valley takes over on its own 3. Seneca Valley #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt picks up 25 yards on a run, followed by # 3 Antonio Fox getting about 30 yards on a passing play, this sets up Seneca Valley on Northwest 23 yard line. #32 Darius Golston catches a pass and scores a touchdown and the extra point attempt is good, score Seneca Valley 14-0, with 4:44 left in the 2nd quarter. The Jaguars start moving down field with a pass, followed by #11 Mark Pierce scrambling from the 7 yard line to score a touchdown, the extra point is good, Seneca Valley 14 Northwest 7 with 2:44 left in the 1st half. It is starting to look like Northwest is starting to get so me momentum going with a 13 yd loss of a sack. Northwest #5 Ibrahim Konate intercepts a pass on their on 15 yard line, Northwest takes a knee to finish out the half.

Starting the 3rd quarter, Northwest #5 Ibrahim Konate returns the kick off for 26 yards, followed by #4 Khalil Owens picking up a 1st down only to get it bought back on a holding penalty ending with a punt, Seneca Valley calls for a fair catch and drops it, but still recovers the ball. Seneca Valley is only able to move the ball a small distance and is forced to punt, which puts the ball on the Jaguars own 8 yard line. Again Northwest #4 Khalil Owens is breaking tackles and picks up about 25 yards. #8 picks up a few yards and gets a 1st down. #4 Khalil Owens does a huge diving catch picks up about 5 yards, #13 JJ Funez picks up 9 yards while his helmet get pulled off. #4 Khalil Owens picks up a few and gets the ball to Seneca’s 13 yard line, with 2 minutes left. Seneca Valleys #52 Michael Hite sacks Northwest #11 Mark Pierce for a short loss, now facing a 4th and 11 on the 15, and fail to convert, ending the 3rd quarter.

To start the 4th quarter with a short pass to #6 Donovan Beckett-Simms, but there is a penalty. Seneca Valley #32 Darius Golston picks up around 30 yards and places the ball on the Northwest 14 yard line, #13 Dawayne Kelley catches a pass for a 7 yard gain. Seneca Valley fumbles on the 1 yard line and Northwest recovers and moves the ball some prior to turning the ball over. Seneca Valley #7 Adrian Feliz-Platt stumbles down the side line for a 35 yard gain, with 3:45 left in the game, Seneca has the ball on the 37 yard line, Seneca calls a time out with 23 seconds left in the game, and then turn the ball over allowing Northwest a few more chances to score, #11 Mark Pierce throws a hail mary that goes uncaught. The final pass is intercepted by Seneca Valley #3 to Antonio Fox end the game.

Final Score 14 Seneca Valley 7 Northwest

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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