Damascus wins over Linganore with LIGHTS going out

The Damascus HS Swarming Hornets are hosting the Lancers from Linganore HS located in Frederick County. This match up is a regional final. The Lancers are set to receive the opening kick off, and get a short return. They quickly end up facing a 4th and 17, forcing them to punt, giving the Hornets the ball on their own 35 yard line. Hornets go 3 and out and punt, neither teams is able to get going. Lancers come to 4th and 19, and punt giving the Hornets the ball at mid field. The Hornets come up to a 4th and 7, with 2:43 left in the 1st quarter and punt. #2 Jalen Christian is injured and is helped off the field by the trainers, they are working on the sidelines with an ankle injury. The Lancers come up and are punting again and they get an automatic 1st down when the penalty is called for Ruffin the kicker.

The score at the start of the second quarter is 0-0, Hornets #4 Alec Magas tackles the Lancers running back in the backfield for a loss of 5 yards. On the next play, #8 intercepts a pass from Lancers quarterback #7 Nathaniel Musselman. #34 Jake Funk picks up a 1st down, but still can’t move the ball a lot. The Hornets come to a 4th and 9 and go for it, and come up short, giving the ball back to the Lancers on their own 27 yard line. Lancers go 3 and out, and punt, giving the ball to the Hornets on the 40 yard line of the Lancer. Hornets move down field and #3 Anthony Jordan, scores with 1:06 left in the 2nd quarter, the extra point was good setting the score at Damascus 7-0.

At halftime, the Damascus Pom’s perform the routine and just as the Marching Band sets up for their show, the field lights go out, they go ahead and perform in the dark, the lights are out for about 25 minutes or so.

Starting the 3rd quarter, Hornets #2 Jalen Christian is back on the sideline, but in street clothes and crutches. I asked if he was ok and he said he would be fine. The Lancers end up punting again, and #34 Jake Funk picks up two 1st downs, and get the ball inside the 6 yard line, it is now 1st and goal on the 3 yard line. With 2:55 left in the 3rd quarter, #34 Jake Funk scores on a short run, and the extra point was good setting the at 14-0. With the ensuing kick off, the Lancers try to scoop the ball up and Hornets #16 recovers the touched ball and gives the Hornets the ball on the Lancers 18 yard line. The Hornets can’t get it in, and on 4th and 3 on the Lancers 11 yard line, they set up to go for it, then call a time out, then try for a filed goal, wide right, no good with 45 seconds left in the 3rd. The lights go out for a 2nd time.

With 7:22 left in the 4th quarter, the Lancers score on a 3 yard pass from #7 Nathaniel Musselman to Adam Beisser, extra point good, Hornets 14-7. They score again with a 18 yard run from #7 Nathaniel Musselman and try for a 2 point conversion, with a keeper, he slips and falls short. Hornets 14-13 with 2:01 left in the game.

Final Score Damascus 14 Linganore 13

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20142015-High-School-Sports/Football/11-21-2014-Damascus-HS-vs/