MCPS Cheerleading at Blair HS 11-15-2014

Coverage of the MCPS Cheerleading at Blair HS 11-15-2014

Division 3 started at 9:30am and consisted of teams from Springbrook, Poolesville, Einstein, Magruder, Walter Johnson, Rockville, Wheaton, Kennedy and Walt Whitman. Most of the performances were good, however a couple of teams had shaky performances. The teams that stood out the most were Walter Johnson and Magruder.

Division 2 started at 1:30pm and consisted of teams from Richard Montgomery, Northwood, Blake, Clarksburg, Blair, Watkins Mill, Paint Branch, Seneca Valley. Division 2 teams included the most male cheerleaders. The teams with the males, performed well. I believed it will help the girls out with much better performances and widen their stunts if more guys joined.

Division 1 started at 4:30pm and consisted of teams from BCC, Gaithersburg, Sherwood, Wootton, Damascus, Northwest, Quince Orchard, Churchill. The girls and guys in division 1, are top competitors. The only issue’s with some of the performances were executing the lifts. The returning Division One Cheer Competition Winners, Damascus performance appeared to be flawless and all around great. Once the performance was over the girls hugged, screamed, and some were shedding tears like they already Won.

Story and Photos by Kyle Hall

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