Walt Whitman Wins over Clarksburg Boys Basketball

The Coyotes of Clarksburg HS and the Vikings of Walt Whitman HS are playing for the regional playoff at Montgomery Blair HS, Friday evening. This will be the third game, in the third night for both teams, due to the beginning of the week weather.

Walt Whitman is having trouble finishing at the rim missing mostly if not all their shots. Poor playing by both teams. The Coyotes are ahead at the end of the 1st quarter with the score of 8-6. In the 2nd quarter it looks as if the refs are calling everything in the flavor of Clarksburg. Vikings #43 hits 2 back to back 3 pointers to put Whitman to the lead. Clarksburg #15 hit a buzzer beater for 3 to end the half with the score Clarksburg 21-17.

Clarksburg is set in a 3-2 defense making Whitman shot 3 pointers which they are good at. Towards the of the 3rd quarter, both teams begin to pick up the intensity. At the end of 3rd Whitman has the lead at 33-32. Whitman with multiple passes making the Coyotes defense to move is working in their favor. Clarksburg coach calls timeout to try to slow down Whitman hot streak. With 1:34 left, the score is tied 44 to 44. 1:08 Clarksburg #0 at the free throw line has a chance to tied the game or take the lead, misses both free throw. 49 second left in the 4th #44 is fouled he makes and miss one. 44 to 46

Final Score Walt Whitman 49 Clarksburg 44

Story by Kyle Hall, Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20132014-High-School-Sports/Basketball/03-07-2014-Clarksburg-HS-vs/i-2HzxzNs