Clarksburg Wins in Overtime over Gaithersburg Boys

The Gaithersburg HS Trojans defeated the Colonels of Magruder HS and The Clarksburg HS Boys varsity basketball defeated the Northwest HS Jaguars Wednesday night. Based on both of these wins, the Coyotes of Clarksburg traveled to Gaithersburg HS, to play a sectional playoff game.

During the 1st quarter, the Trojans maintained the control and score with the Coyotes trying to keep up on both offense and defense. Score Trojans 12 Coyotes 9. During the start of the 2nd, the Coyotes took the lead about 2 minutes into the 2nd and the Trojans are starting to make some simple mistakes and throwing some good shots away. Coyotes are pressing on defense and fighting hard to keep up on the score. Going into halftime the score is Gaithersburg 27 Clarksburg 22

During the 3rd quarter the Gaithersburg fans believe the ref is calling some bad calls and starts to chant “Take His Whistle” this chant occurs several times in the 3rd and 4th quarter. The Coyotes are keeping the pressure on and are hanging tough. End of 3rd score Gaithersburg 42 Clarksburg 35. Going into the 4th. the Coyotes pressure is allowing them to scoring and hang within reach of the Trojans, with about 1 minute and half they are tied up, at the 25 second mark left in the 4th, Trojans Anthony Tarke goes for the dunk and is fouled from behind intentionally, and misses both foul shots.

Game goes to overtime, and Coyotes take the lead, and there are both fighting hard on offense and defense trying to stay in the game, Trojans are missing a lot of their opportunities to score by missing foul shots.

Final Score Clarksburg 64 Gaithersburg 63

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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