Gaithersburg Boys Advance with win over Magruder

Magruder HS varsity basketball returned to Gaithersburg HS, for a rematch in the 2nd round of the playoffs. #33 Anthony Tarke of Gaithersburg had two back to back steals finishing with a dunk. Magruder is in a 2-3 set defense, attempting to force Gaithersburg, to shoot long-range shots. The Colonels are having trouble passing and finishing at the rim. At the end of the quarter 26 to 16 Gaithersburg.

The Trojans came out in a 3-2 set defense forcing the Colonels to drive, and finish with a short shot or lay up. Magruder is starting to get back in the game towards the end of the 1st half cutting the lead to by 6 points. 33 to 27 Gaithersburg. 2 minutes left in the 3rd the Trojans racked in numerous of points, increasing the Colonels difference, 48 to 37 Trojans. Magruder still showing some fight to play but not enough to complete with hype, fast, high-powered Gaithersburg Trojans. 1:17 left in the 4th Magruder down by 6 intensity high Magruder makes a great play getting the ball back. 39.9 seconds left Magruder is down by 6. #33 Anthony Tarke steps out-of-bounds giving the ball back to Gaithersburg. #33 for Magruder fouls out with 24 sec left.

Final Score Gaithersburg 70 Magruder 65

Story by Kyle Hall, Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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