Gaithersburg Boys beat Wootton 86-64

The first quarter Gaithersburg Trojans came out on fire, with them barely missing any shots, only when being fouled. Wootton cannot match the Trojans speed or their effort but slowly scoring. 28-20 Trojans. Gaithersburg is trying to sneak away with the lead ending the second half 43-29 Trojans.

Wootton came out with a little more intensity then the first half, but it didn’t seem like enough to slow down the Trojans. Gaithersburg continues to keep score with the lead larger than 20. Gaithersburg put in their bench to let them finish out the last 2 minutes.

Gaithersburg announced they had clinched the 4A West Division Title

Final Score Gaithersburg 86-64 Wootton

Story by Kyle Hall, Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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