2014 MCPS POMS Championship

Richard Montgomery High School hosted the 2014 MCPS County Poms Championship. The competition feature all 25 MCPS High Schools in three division, division 3 included 9 schools, division 2 included 8 schools and division 1 included 8 schools, the break down of divisions and award placement is listed below.

2013-2014   MCPS County Championship at   Richard Montgomery HS
Division 1 Award     Placement Division     2 Award     Placement Division     3 Award     Placement
Magruder Einstein BCC 2nd   Place, 2nd Place Captain
Damascus Clarksburg Blair Spirit
Wootton Richard     Montgomey 2nd   Place, Spirit Gaithersburg
Churchill Seneca   Valley Northwood
Blake 1st   Place, 1st Place Captain Paint     Branch 3rd   Place, 1st Place Captain Watkins   Mill
Sherwood 2rd   Captain Poolesville 1st   Place, 3rd Captain Springbrook 3rd   Place Captain
Rockville 3rd   Place, Spirit Quince   Orchard 2nd   Place Captain Wheaton 3rd   Place
Northwest 2nd   Place, 3rd Place Captain Walt   Whitman Walter   Johnson 1st   Place, 1st Place Captain

Photos by Jeffrey Vogt, Kyle Hall


Photos by Jeffrey Vogt, Kyle Hall Gallery Preview

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All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20132014-High-School-Sports/Cheerleading-and-Pom-Competiti