2014 Northwest HS Poms Invitational

Northwest High School hosted the 2014 Invitational Poms competition. The competition feature 21 out of 25 MCPS Schools in three division, each division included a total of 7 schools, the break down of divisions and award placement is listed below.

2013-2014   Northwest Jaguars Poms Invitational
Division 1 Award   Placement Division   2 Award   Placement Divison   3 Award   Placement
Churchill Clarksburg Wheaton
Damascus Quince   Orchard 3rd   Place & 2nd Captain Watkins   Mill
Blake 1st   Place & 1st Captain Seneca   Valley Walter   Johnson 2nd   Place & 2nd Captain
Magruder 3rd   Place & 3rd Captain Richard   Montgomey BCC 1st   Place & 1st Captain & Choreography
Rockville Poolesville 1st   Place & Tie 3rd Captain & Choreography & Spirit Northwood Spirit
Wootton Paint   Branch Tie   3rd Captain Kennedy
Sherwood 2nd Place & 2nd Captain & Choreography & Spirit Walt   Whitman 2nd   Place & 1st Captain Blair 3rd   Place & 3rd Captain

Photos by Jeffrey Vogt, Kyle Hall Gallery Preview

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All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20132014-High-School-Sports/Cheerleading-and-Pom-Competiti