Damascus Boys win over Seneca Valley

The Screaming Eagles of Seneca Valley traveled to the Hornets Nest of Damascus High School to play the second half of a Varsity double-header. Each team is playing solid defense, with the Hornets making open shot opportunities.  At the end of the 1st the score is Hornets 14-10. Half way through the 2nd quarter the Hornets began to make terrible mistakes giving the ball back to Seneca Valley letting them have a lot of tries at the rim and allowing the Screaming Eagles going into half time with the lead Hornets 25-29 Eagles

The Screaming Eagles stop their press and the Hornets was able to take over the game in the fourth. The Hornets cause turnovers and are finishing at the basket earning a huge lead 50 to 39 halfway through the 4th quarter. The Screaming Eagles were getting ran into the dirt by the Hornets in the 4th. The Screaming Eagles were just giving the ball to the Hornets.

Final Score Damascus 62 Seneca Valley 43

Story by Kyle Hall, Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

Gallery Preview

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20132014-High-School-Sports/Basketball/01-08-2014-Damascus-HS-vs