Gaithersburg Boys Win Big over Clarksburg

Within a few minutes of the 1st. Gaithersburg Trojan #50 Zack Coalman has gotten two fouls and 1 slam dunk, and is pulled for the next few minutes to settle down. Gaithersburg had a good spread on the score and Clarksburg is able to close the gap to 2 points, with lots of hustling on both offense and defense. The Coyotes take the lead and #1 puts in a slam dunk and draws the foul. Clarksburg is hanging tough. #1 gets called for offensive goal tending for hanging on the rim, when missing the connecting shot. Both teams are starting to get into a rhythm. Score Gaithersburg 39 Clarksburg 34 The Gaithersburg Varsity Poms put on a great Halftime show.

Starting the 3rd. #33 Anthony Tarke slam dunks, and within a minute or two attempts another and misses, both teams are playing strong and are working like a well oiled machine. Gaithersburg #30 Geron Braithwaite tries to dunk and is rejected at the rim. Gaithersburg is shooting more and connecting at the rim. In the 4th. Gaithersburg #1 fouls out, and the Coyotes can not keep up with the pace that Gaithersburg is running and scoring. Gaithersburg hits 23 points in the 4th with Clarksburg is only able to get 9 points.

Final Score Gaithersburg 83 Clarksburg 59

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at