Einstein HS Varsity Basketball Preview Boys



We spoke with Coach Porac, getting the teams 2013-2014 forecast.

Returning Players, We found that they have 5 returning players off last year’s team which last in the region semi-finals to eventual Region Champions, Urbana high School

Key Players to look for this season, Joe Bradshaw is a top player in the county at 6’7” shooting guard.  He had an outstanding end to his junior year, leading the Titans to a Region Semi-Final appearance.  Joe averaged 22 points over his last 12 games (including 32 points in the second round of last year’s playoff win at North Hagerstown High School) of the season and is looking to build on the end of last year. Raheem Hayes (Junior) was moved up from JV at the end of the season and played very well defensively.  Raheem adds length and athleticism with his 6’4” frame. Abe Camara (Senior) was leading the county in rebounds and block shots for half of the season last year.  He too is very athletic and long-standing at 6’5”. Mike McMillan (Senior) is one of those players every coach wants on their team.  He does all the things necessary for a team to have success. (Taking charges, rebounding, diving on the floor, and is a complete leader on the court).

How the team look so far, This year’s team is going to be extremely long and athletic.  With five returning players, I feel like there is great leadership on the team.  The addition of several key JV players from last year, along with freshman point guard JD Guerrero, our players and coaches are excited about having the opportunity to compete every night we play an opponent.

Predicting where the team will be at the end of the season,  We do not preach or predict records within our program, however we do preach  competing hard every night regardless of the score and/or time remaining on the clock, and I like this group of kids.  I feel like the success many of the returning players felt last year will only continue to build this year.  Of course, we have set goals as a team and the first goal we have, is to compete for a division title.  However, ultimately we all have one goal and that is to get better each day and to be playing our best basketball as a team when the playoffs begin.  If the kids continue to work hard and believe in each other I like their chances from a competitive stand point throughout the season

Who will be their toughest competitor, Our schedule is extremely difficult (on purpose) so it’s hard to say who our “toughest” opponent is this year.  We open up our season against the reigning Region Champions, Urbana High School, and follow that game against traditional power houses like Magruder, Sherwood, Blake, Springbrook, and Blair High School.  I believe playing these great teams all of whom are coached by outstanding coaches will only test our toughness and make us better as a team at the end of the season.  We also have an extremely competitive division playing Rockville, Wheaton, Seneca Valley, Damascus, and Northwood.  Although our program has improved over the past three years, there is no question about the challenges every night will bring.  We look forward to the challenge.

As for games that would be on a Don’t Miss games, Like I said, there are lots of “don’t miss games” (in my mind) on our schedule, however I believe our players and coaches are really excited about the opportunity to play Urbana High School (defending Region Champs) at home to open the season.  This will be a great barometer for our kids to play such a well-coached team who are always considered a top team in the state of Maryland for 3 A basketball. Another game we are looking forward to on our schedule is Magruder High School.  I was fortunate enough to be Coach Harwood’s JV coach and assistant coach for 4 seasons.  As a coach, I look up to Coach Harwood and the Magruder basketball program.  We try each day to compete, get better, and play with the energy and selflessness as his players.  Having the opportunity to compete against his program is very exciting for our kids.