Northwest Jaquars Tame the Paint Branch Panthers in Semi Final

20131129-JVNLR-0066 20131129-JVNLR-0362On one of the coldest nights of the season, the Panthers of Paint Branch HS hosted one of the states 4A Semi Final matches against the Jaguar’s of Northwest HS. The Panthers win the toss and elect to defer. Within the first 3 minutes the Jaguar’s moved the ball down the field and scored the 1st TD on a 6 yd. run by #11 Mark Pierce, with the extra point being good. Score Jaguar’s 7-0. In the ensuing set of down the Panthers start off with a 40 yd. kick return by #7 Johnny Littlejohn, and then they go 3 and out, end up punting. The Jaguar’s can’t move the ball on their next set of downs and punt, Panthers #7 Johnny Littlejohn returns the ball for a 93 yd. TD, with the extra point attempt being no good. Score Jaguar’s 7-6. With less than 30 seconds left in the 1st qtr.  #11 Mark Pierce throws to # 13 Trint Coulter for a 4 yd. TD, with the extra point attempt being good. Jaguar’s 14-6.

4 Minutes into the 2nd qtr. Panthers #20 Daryl Hill Jr. catches a 9 yd. pass from #1 Gaston Cooper for a TD with the 2 point conversion attempt being no good. Score Jaguar’s 14-12. It  only takes thirty seconds for the Jaguar’s to respond with a TD pass from #11 Mark Pierce to #23 EJ Lee, and the extra point attempt being good, Score Jaguar’s 21-12. It is starting to look like to game it should be with Panthers #1 Gaston Cooper passing to #7 Johnny Littlejohn for 25 yd. TD, and going for the 2 point conversion being good. Score Jaguar’s 21-20. Jaguar’s quickly follow-up with a 6 yd. TD pass from #11 Mark Pierce to EJ Lee  and the extra point being good. Score Jaguar’s 28-20. Panthers again respond quickly and score a 49 yd. pass from Gaston Cooper to #7 Johnny Littlejohn and fail on the 2 point conversion. Score Jaguar’s 28-26. In the next minute #11 Mark Pierce passes to #5 Josh Gills for a 38 yd. TD with the extra point being good, score Jaguar’s 35-26. With in the final seconds of the 1st half, Panthers #44 Sam Stewart scores on a 29 yd. field goal. Score Jaguar’s 35-29.

Half time performance’s included the Panthers Poms and Marching Band.

Starting the 3rd qtr. Jaguar’s are marching down field and come to a 4th and 15 and go for it getting a Panther penalty giving them a 1st down on the Panther 8 yard-line. They drive more and end up turning the ball over on a failed 4th and 1 attempt. Panthers take over on Jaguar’s 5 yard-line and start moving down field only to fumble and give the Jaguar’s the ball back on the 31, Jaguar’s capitalize on the fumble with a 21 yd. TD pass from #11 Mark Pierce to #6 Matt Wilson, and complete the 2 point conversion with a pass to #13 Trint Coulter, Score Jaguar’s 43-29. In the next minute or so Panthers respond with a 6 yd. TD run by #1 Gaston Cooper, with the extra point being good, score Jaguar’s 43-36.

In the 4th qtr. Jaguar’s # 11 Mark Pierce connects for a 13 yd. TD to #6 Matt Watson and the extra point attempt being no good, score Jaguar’s 49-36. Panthers moving down field and go for it on a 4th and 10 on the Jaguar’s 11 yard-line and end up turning over the ball on the Jaguar’s 5 yard-line. Jaguar’s #11 Mark Pierce passes to #6 Matt Watson for a 93 yd. TD and the Jaguar’s go for a 2 point conversion and fail.

Final Score Paint Branch HS 36 Northwest HS 55

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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