Paint Branch wins over Perry Hall in Final Seconds

20131122-JVNLR-0114 20131122-JVNLR-0167Friday nights regional final game, featured Paint Branch Panthers hosting the Gators of Perry Hall. The Gators won the toss and elected to defer, and kick off. On the first play of the game, the Panthers fumble and Gators #5 Kennedy Onyekah recovers it on the Panthers 30 yard line. With in the first 2 minutes the Gators score the first TD on a 23 yd. QB keeper #10 Jeff Iweh, and the extra point attempt not good. Score Gators 6-0 Panthers. In the ensuing set of downs Panthers go for it on 4th and 2 and fail to get it, Gators in turn go 3 and out only to punt, it starts to look like it was going to be a quick set of down with Panthers going to a 4th and 18 to punt again. Gators #10 Jeff Iweh passes to the end-zone trying to connect for a TD only to be intercepted by Panthers #11 and the following drive is met with 3 and out to punt, Gators get the ball and score the second TD on a 15 yd. run by #7 Will King with 1:28 left in the 1st, the extra point attempt not good. Score Gators 12-0 Panthers. Panthers start moving the ball with #1 connecting a pass to #7 for 27 yds, and then #7 scoring on a 49 yd. TD with :26 left in the 1st and the extra point being blocked. Score Gators 12-6. Gators #1 Mike Morris Jr. returns the kickoff and appears to be down about 30 yds into the run and takes off and end up with a TD on a 70 yd. return and the extra point attempt being good with :07 left in the 1st, score Gators 19-6.

Starting the 2nd qtr. Panthers goes for it on 4th and 1 and turns it over to Gators, with 2 minutes into the 2nd qtr. , #10 Jeff Iweh passes to #88 Nick Davis for 38 yds. and sets up a 5 yd. TD run by #1 Mike Morris Jr. and the extra point attempt good, score Gators 26-6. Panthers gets an interception and follows up with about 4 minutes into the 2nd qtr. #1 passing to #8 for a 27 yd. TD, and the extra point good, score Gators 26-13. Gators move the ball some and end up turning it over, Panthers #17 catches a pass from #1 for 50 yds. and with about 3:30 left in the 2nd qtr. and #1 rushes in for a 4 yd. TD, penalty called and moves the extra point attempt to the 25 yd. line and the kick is still good, Score Gators 26-20. Within a few seconds of the kick off, Gators #10 Jeff Iweh passes to #7 Will King for a 65 yd. TD, and the extra point good, score Gators 33-20.

The Start of the 3rd qtr. looks like the Gators on going to keep on top, with #1 Mike Morris Jr. rushing for 46 yds. then #10 Jeff Iweh throws a pass that is intercepted by #47 who returns it for 78 yds. ending up on Gators 12 yard line. Panthers #20 rushes for a 5 yd. TD and the extra point being good, score Gators 33-27.  Panthers do an onside kick and recovers it, it is now looking like the Panthers awoke at halftime and have decided to put on a great comeback attempt. With a 9 yd. pass from #1 to #8 scores and extra point good, Panthers on top for the 1st time of the game, score Panthers 34-33. Gators go 3 and out and punt, Panthers are now moving the ball connecting to #17 for 28 yds. and #7 for 15 yds. with :55 seconds left in the 3rd qtr. Panthers #7 rushes for a 11 yd. TD, and the extra point attempt good, Panthers good 41-33. Gators respond in the first minute in a half of the 4th qtr. with a #10 Jeff Iweh pass to #7 Will King, which leads to a 9 yd. TD pass to #4 Courtney Johnson, Gators line up to get the extra point and end up connecting to #88 Nick Davis, score 41-41. Panthers #1 connects a pass to #7 for 40 yds. and sets up #1 scoring on a 5 yd. TD and the extra point  attempt good, score Panthers 48-41. Gators are moving the ball and end up with what looks like 4th and 1 inch and go for it, and in turn allowing #1 Mike Morris Jr. rushing 10 yds. for a TD, extra point good, score 48-48 with 5 minutes left. Panthers are driving down field and burning time down, they get to the goal line and fumble and recover it, with :09 seconds left and on 2nd and 4, they kick a field goal, score Panthers 51-48.

Final Score Paint Branch HS 51 Perry Hall HS 48

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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