Watkins Mill Wins Over Einsteins Titans

20131108-JVNLR-0037 20131108-JVNLR-0124In a game, that will be last time some of the players will ever suit up, The Watkins Mill Wolverines traveled to play their final season game against the Titans of Einstein HS. Wolverines win the toss and elect to receive. The Wolverine are moving the ball, and the Titans #24 Michael Frederick intercepts a pass thrown by Wolverines #8 Quinton Schaired, Titans #4 Bryan Velasco rushes for 13 yds. then over the next few plays the Titans come to a 4th and 2 and #17 Roy Russell IV picks up the 1st down with 4 yds. on a QB keeper. The Titans end up getting 2 penalties and winds up with a 1st and 32, #17 Roy Russell IV completes a pass to #80 Jamal Lodge for 7 yds. followed by #7 Joel Rufino rushing for 6 yds. Titans forced to punt on a 4th and 18, Wolverines #2 Jaron Woodyard returns the punt for a 75 yd. TD and go for 2 and miss, Score 6-0 Wolverine 5:51 left in the 1st. Titans start moving the ball slowly and are forced to punt again with Wolverines #6 Charles Walker 77 yd. return to the Titans 4 yard line, #6 Charles Walker rushes for 2 yds. ending the 1st qtr. on the goal-line.

Starting the 2nd qtr. Wolverines #2 Jaron Woodyard punches it in from the 2 yard-line for a TD, Followed by a 2 pt. conversion ran in by #8 Quinton Schaired, Score 14-0. Wolverines are making the Titans work hard for any yardage, both teams get a warning for playing rough. On 4th and 8, #17 Roy Russell IV connects a 41 yd. pass to #80 Jamal Lodge getting them to the 6 yard line, 1st and goal, the Titans move forward and backwards and end up with giving the ball to the Wolverines on an incomplete pass on 4th and 6. Wolverines #8 Quinton Schaired, picks up 18 yds. on a keeper, #2 Jaron Woodyard picks up 25 yds. rushing, #8 Quinton Schaired, picks up 22 yds. getting the Wolverines to a 4th and inches, #8 Quinton Schaired, get the 1st down and a few extra on the keeper. #8 Quinton Schaired, attempts to a handoff and fumbles the ball, with the recovering by Titans #40 Rudy Velasquez, #17 Roy Russell IV completes a pass to #12 Stefano Rodriguez for a gain of 20 yds. and with 1:31 left in the 2nd qtr. #17 Roy Russell IV completes to #80 Jamal Lodge for a 36 yd. TD, extra attempt no good. Wolverines 14-6. Wolverines go 3 and out, looks like the Titans are starting to move the ball, #17 Roy Russell IV completes a pass #5 Imed Aniba netting 17 yds. and again for 5 yds. then completes to #3 Khalil Wilson  for a gain of 8 yds.

Halftime Score 14-6 The Titans Poms and Marching Band performed at halftime along with the announcement of the Seniors in the Band, Cheerleading and Poms.

Wolverines kick off is returned for 18 yds. and the Titans come to a 4th and 4 and pick up the 1st down, #3 Khalil Wilson picks up 15 yds. rushing, followed by #4 Bryan Velasco getting a 10 yd. rushing TD, #3 Khalil Wilson scores on the 2 pt. conversion, Score 14-14. Wolverines come to a 4th and 18, and punt, Titans #7 Joel Rufino picks up 15 yds. that is then called back due to a penalty, Wolverines get a safety with a tackle in the end zone, Score Wolverines 16-14. Ensuing Titans kick off is returned for 10 yds. by #2 Jaron Woodyard #6 Charles Walker picks up 10 yds.

4th qtr.  #2 Jaron Woodyard picks up 11 yds. and 7 yds. then #8 Quinton Schaired, picks up a 6 yd. keeper for a TD, with #6 Charles Walker completing the 2 pt. conversion with 7:32 left in the 4th. Score Wolverines 24-14  Titans #3 rushes for 22 yds. #17 Roy Russell IV completes a 5 yd. pass to #5 Imed Aniba, and then on 4th and 1 #17 Roy Russell IV picks up 2 yds. on a keeper getting the first down, with 3:25 left in the 4th qtr. #3 Khalil Wilson scores a TD on a 18 yd. run, the 2 pt. conversion was no good, score Wolverines 24-20. Wolverines can go 3 and out, Titans respond quickly with #17 Roy Russell IV passing to #5 Imed Aniba for 20 yds. and pass to #7 Joel Rufino for a 35 yd. gain, with .09 seconds left, #17 Roy Russell IV pass is intercepted by #23 Adrian Torres- Vista who appears to return it for a 95 yd. TD, While he is running several players start getting rough with each other on the field and both benches clear, Several pushing/shoving matches ensued and the players are broken apart by coaches and security, Wolverines are asked to board the buses and leave without a handshake. Score board stayed the same at Wolverine 24-20 Einstein.

After the incident was broken up, I asked several coaches and a parent or two, if #23 Adrian Torres- Vista had actually made it into the end-zone since I was still near the other end-zone on his run, and was told yes.

Einstein Tackler (Via Twitter Posting Imed Aniba #5 @MaskedUpMed5  replied to @MikeCornejo  “he didn’t score I definitely stopped him at the 3 yard line”)

Wolverines Interceptor (Via Twitter Posting A T V ⚡️ @ATV__23 @_Quavoo “I almost took it 98 yds but cuz tackled me at the one”)

Final Score Watkins Mill HS 24 Einstein HS 20

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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