Northwest Jaquars Defeats the Quince Orchard Cougars

The last games of the regular season can be bittersweet, as crowds start to realize that most of the seniors’ football careers are coming to a close. Senior Night at Quince Orchard has been, for many years, a sort of exhibition game where, once a comfortable lead is established, seniors who were non-starters, or who have finally healed from injury, get chances to make memorable plays, like carries or touchdowns. But the Northwest Jaguars descended upon Quince Orchard’s field with a much different agenda, Friday, November 1st, 2013. Their lazar-sharp focus, strong team-dynamic, and desire to own that night was palpable during workouts. At kick-off, NW came out fighting, suppressing QO, and scoring 3 touchdowns by halftime (when the score was 7-21, Jaguars). QO started to find their rhythm by the 4th quarter, and made great strides toward catching up, when they still had time to tie the game up and go into over-time, at the very least. But NW was consistent and refused to back down long enough to let QO rallies threaten their lead. QO seemed “flat”, bearing little resemblance to the Cougars who nearly shut-out the Gaithersburg Trojans just last week. On Senior Night, the Cougars seemed to be giving touchdowns away to the Jaguars, instead of setting up fun scores for QO seniors to make.

All the credit goes to Northwest. The Jaguars played with force and determination that paid off. The NW program has faced some adversity in the past. Some hard knocks came in battles with QO. But the program has also experienced profound losses having nothing to do with games. This NW team has shown that they possess the talent and the will to achieve greatness. They can use pangs of loss to spur them on toward future success. And as for QO, maybe this blow to their perfect season can end up being a gift that came at the right time, giving them extra incentive to keep fighting on, just when the games are getting tougher.
Final Score:  21 Quince Orchard – 35 Northwest
Scores for Quince Orchard:  Kevin Joppy – 1 TD, Elliot Davis – 2 TD, Troy Porter –1 extra point, Mike Murtaugh – 2 point conversion
Scores for Northwest:  Joshua Gills – 2 TD, Rasheed Gills -1 TD, Matt Watson – 2 TD, Diego Melendez – 5 extra points
Photos and Story by Lisa Levenbach

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