Gaithersburg 7-0 after win over Magruder

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Gaithersburg HS Trojans win the toss and elect to defer to the 2nd half. With the ensuing kick, Magruder #3 Shawon Nunes rushes for a short gain and a hand off to #10 Andrew Maco-Silva picking up 4 yds. and an incomplete pass, forcing them to punt on a 4th and 4. Trojans #10 hands off to #5 Xaviyer Mosley returns the punt 34 yds. for a touchdown that is called back due to a penalty. Trojans #10 Nick Decarlo hands off to #5 Xaviyer Mosley for a short gain, and end up with a 4th and 5, lined up to go for it, Trojans get a penalty on Magruder is called for holding. Trojans 1st & 10, Trojans get a few yards rushing and cap the drive off with 2 incomplete passes and with a 4th and 2, they go for it with a pass to #3 William Tearney which is incomplete. Colonels take over near their 20 yard line, #3 Shawon Nunes completes a 22 yd. pass to #10 Andrew Maco-Silva, with #26 Brent Martin rushing for 5 yds. #3 Shawon Nunes forced to scramble out of the pocket and picks up 3 yds. running out the sidelines, penalty Colonels,  #3 Shawon Nunes runs again for a 10 yd. gain, #10 Andrew Maco-Silva picks up 15 yds. on a pass, #3 Shawon Nunes throws an incomplete pass followed by a short screen pass #26 Brent Martin for a short gain, 15 yd. penalty on Magruder, #6 Marvin Alas catches a 19 yd. pass, it looks as if the Colonels are going to move the ball now, then out of the blue, Trojans  #8 Marc Smith intercepts the pass. Trojans next set of downs come up short and punt. Colonels #26 Brent Martin picks up 17 yds. rushing, #3 Shawon Nunes scrambles for 11 yds. End of 1st Qtr. Colonels go 3 and out and punt, with Trojans #5 Xaviyer Mosley returning it for a 90 yd. touchdown, the extra point attempt was blocked. Trojans 6-0.

Trojans kick and #3 Shawon Nunes wobbles the ball and end ups recovering the ball, Colonels starting on their 22, #3 Shawon Nunes scrambles for a loss of 9 yds. and they end up with 2 penalties. Trojans take over on downs and #10 Nick Decarlo completes a 35 yd. pass to #3 William Tearney for a touchdown, going for a 2 pt. conversion and ends with an incomplete pass. Score Trojans 12-0. #10 Andrew Maco-Silva wobbles the kick off and then the Colonels go 3 and out with an incomplete pass and a few short runs and punt. Trojans start moving again with a 12 yd. rush by #5 Xaviyer Mosley and a short gain, #22 score 33 yd. touchdown of the game and then captures a 2 point conversion on a short run by #22 Zavae Johnson, score Trojans 20-0.

Colonels gain 35 yds. on a pass to #10 Andrew Maco-Silva, then #3 Shawon Nunes is sacked for a 10 yd. loss by Trojans #78 Avery Taylor, #3 Shawon Nunes completes a 25 yd. pass to #28 Jimmy Samai, and 9 yds. on a pass to #24 Chris Mckoy, #3 Shawon Nunes is sacked again by #62 Blake Sikes for a loss of 11 yds. #3 Shawon Nunes scrambles and slips, Colonels receive 2 penalties for a 10 yd. loss. Trojans getting good penetration with #56 Anthony Combs, #57 Tinashe Gwashavamhu, penalty for intentional ground, Colonels come to 4th and 59 to punt, the snap is high and #3 Shawon Nunes scrambles to recover, Trojans ball. #10 Nick Decarlo fumbles a snap and recovers, then completes a pass for a 30 yd. touchdown, #6 Luis Vigil kicks the extra point and the score is Trojans 27-0.

Starting the 3rd. quarter, Colonels attempt an onside kick, recovered by #18 who returns it for 55 yds. for a touchdown, extra point attempt no good. Colonels #28 Jimmy Samai returns the kick  off for 10 yds. as #3 Shawon Nunes is scrambling throws a pass the is intercepted by Trojans #33 T.J. Benjamin , #5  Xaviyer Mosley picks up 12 yds. rushing, #10 Nick Decarlo completes a 24 yd. pass to #14 for a touchdown, #6 Luis Vigil kicks the extra point Trojans 40-0. The Clock is running now, Colonels complete a rushes by #3 Shawon Nunes picking up 8 yds. and #6 Marvin Alas netting 12 yds. Colonels net two penalties again and the ball is moved back near their goal line, #3 Shawon Nunes passes to #28 Jimmy Samai for a 91 yd. touchdown run, they go and fail on a two point attempt, Trojans 40-6. During the 4th quarter, Trojans go 3 and out and punt, #26 Brent Martin is now playing a few plays as quarterback for the Colonels and rushes for 12 yds. then completes a 26 yd. pass to #24 Chris Mckoy, and a 19 yd. pass to #6 Marvin Alas, They end up giving the ball over on downs and goes to 4th and 12 and punt. Colonels next few plays move the ball and come up short.

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 40 Magruder HS 6

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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