Seneca Valley HS Fly Past Watkins MIll HS 37-0

20131017-JVNLR-0047 20131017-JVNLR-0090To start the game, Seneca Valley kicked off to the Watkins Mill Wolverines. Watkins Mill starts with the 3rd starting quarterback for the year, #8 and can’t get in gear moving the ball, they are forced to punt on a 4th and 18 from there 31 yard-line, Seneca Valleys #11 Jovon Burris Jr. return the punt for about 6 yds. Seneca Valley’s quarterback #5 Calvin Reighard starts out passing to #7 Adrain Feliz-Platt and #8 Jamal Ofori and #6 Ed Maxwell and moving the ball down field, #5 Calvin Reighard completes a 40 yard pass to #15 Andrew Magnuson who scores the first touchdown only to be called back due to a holding penalty and end up having to punt on a 4th and 5. Wolverines #19 Leo Molina catches the punt and runs down the sidelines 75 yds. only to be called back for a hit in the back penalty. #8 Quinton Schaired does a keeper to net 25 yd. pick up, ending the drive going for it on 4th down and turn the ball over to Seneca Valley who then goes 3 and out and punt. Watkins Mill #6 Charles Walker rushes for a 21 yd. gain followed by #8 Quinton Schaired picking up 9 yds. rushing, over the next few plays they come up to a 4th and 2, and come up short, in the first few plays in the 2nd quarter Seneca Valley’s ball. #5 Calvin Reighard completes several passes to #7 Adrain Feliz-Platt for 6 yds. #15 Andrew Magnuson for a gain of 47 yds. with #5 Calvin Reighard doing a keeper to pick up 6 yds. and rushing again for a 14 yd. touchdown, #12 Eric Tombs kicks the extra point and the score is Seneca Valley 7-0. Watkins Mill ensuing set of downs start with #8 Quinton Schaired fumbling the ball and they recover, #7 Owi Tsuma picks up 7 yds. rushing, #6 Charles Walker for a 2 yd. loss, #13  rushed for a no gain, 4th and 8 punting, Seneca’s ball on their 46 yard-line. #5 Calvin Reighard does several passing plays and a few running plays and is moving the ball down field to cap the drive on a 29 yard pass to #24 Antonio Fox for a touchdown, with #12 Eric Tombs kicking the extra point Seneca 14-0. The Wolverines go 3 and out and are forced to punt again, On the next 8 plays #5 Calvin Reighard completes several passes to #15 Andrew Magnuson #7 Adrain Feliz-Platt #18 Donovan Beckett-Simms and a few quarterback keepers picking up 15 yds. With a few seconds remaining before halftime #12 kicks a field goal to end the 1st half Seneca Valley 17-0.

The Watkins Mill Poms and Marching Band performed at halftime and put a great show on as always.

It looked as if the halftime talk provided the Wolverines some power, they do an onside kick and recover the ball, #8 Quinton Schaired passes to #9 Domo Leigh for a 7 yd. gain, #8 Quinton Schaired does a keeper with no gain, followed by another scrambling keeper for a gain of 5 yds. forcing the Wolverines to punt again, penalty called on Wolverines and have to do the punt again, which the snap is bobbled and nets a 15 yd. loss. Seneca’s #5 Calvin Reighard completes a 34 yd. pass to #11 Jovon Burris Jr., and then caps the drive on a hand off to #7 Adrain Feliz-Platt who punches it in for a 7 yd. touchdown. #12 Eric Tombs attempts an extra point kick and in no good, Seneca 23-0,

Again Watkins Mill try moving the ball running and come up short, punting to Seneca’s #11 Jovon Burris Jr. for with no return yds. Seneca’s #5 Calvin Reighard starts moving the ball and end the drive with Watkins Mill’s #10  Kwabena Asamoah intercepting the ball on their 6 yard-line, they end 3 and out and punt from their goal-line to only to get 20 yds. on the punt.  #29 Wayne Harris rushes for 7 yds. then a 18 yd. run, #5 Calvin Reighard completes a pass for a 11 yd. touchdown, they decide to go for 2 and #5 Calvin Reighard completes the 2 point conversion on a pass to #15 Andrew Magnuson. Score Seneca 31-0

Seneca’s #11 Jovon Burris Jr. intercepts a Wolverines pass and they can’t move the ball and end up punting, Wolverines #13 picks up 11 yds. rushing,  The 4th quarter was almost uneventful until Seneca’s #7 Adrain Feliz-Platt scoring the finally score of the game on a 14 yd. run, The extra point attempt was no good.

Final Score Seneca Valley HS 37 Watkins Mill HS 0

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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