Einstein Titans hold off a Kennedy Cavaliers Comeback Attempt

20131012-JVNLR-0080 20131012-JVNLR-0127Due to the weather on Friday evening, this was one of three MCPS games that were rescheduled. They both arrived ready to win, at Paint Branch HS to play on its new turf field.

Kennedy Cavaliers won the toss and elected to defer. On the opening drive, Einstein’s #3 Khalil Wilson rush for 10 yds. and 12 yds., followed by #7 Joel Rufino rushing for 12 yds. and a loss of 2. Einstein’s quarterback #10 Roy Russell IV passes to #5 Imed Aniba who sprints for a 16 yd. gain, a few plays later, #10 Roy Russell IV throws a pass to #5 Imed Aniba for a 18 yd. touchdown, #75 Gil Reynolds kicks the extra point and the score is Einstein 7-0 with 7:38 left in the 1st qtr. Kennedy’s #5 picks up 19 yds. on two rushing plays, #30 picks up the 1st down with a 4 yd. run. Kennedy’s quarterback throws a pass that is intercepted in the end-zone by Einstein’s #24 Michael Frederick, which is called back due to a penalty, #33 and # 5 pick up a few yds. on the next plays, followed by #5 picking up a Cavaliers touchdown on a 6 yd. run, the extra point was blocked by Titans #75 Gil Reynolds. Score Titans 7-6. Titans start moving the ball down field with #3 Khalil Wilson rushing for no gain, then 17 yds. Titans #7 Joel Rufino rushes 44 yds. for a touchdown, #75 Gil Reynolds kicks the extra point and the score is Einstein 14-6.

Starting the 2nd qtr., Cavaliers #2 scrambles across both sides of the field and only nets 1 yd., #2 passes to #15 for 17 yds. then 15 yds.  #5 and #33 each pick up a few yards, #2 passes to #4 for a 7 yd. gain, #30 picks up 2 yds. rushing, #5 picks up 5 yds. rushing and #4 gains 12 yds. Kennedy is moving the ball pretty good now and get down to the goal-line, come up with a 4th and 6 and throw an incomplete pass, Einstein’s ball on their own 6 yard line. They complete 2 plays for a short gain before halftime.

Cavaliers start out the 3rd qtr. and go to a 4th and 22 and punt with a net of 30 yds. Titans moving at a steady pace, #3 Khalil Wilson picks a few up followed by #7 Joel Rufino with a 4 yd. gain, #3 Khalil Wilson picks up 20 yds. followed by a no gain rush, then a 25 yd. touchdown run, #75 Gil Reynolds kicks the extra point which is no good score is Einstein 20-6. Cavaliers #7 picks up about 20 yds. on the kick off, #2 passes to #7 for 25 yd. gain, #2 does a keeper and nets a few yds. followed by a no gain, and a pass to #4 for 23 yds. #2 score a touchdown on a 6 yd. keeper, Cavaliers go for two and does not get it, score 20-12. The Titans return the kick off for a 10 yds. followed by #3 Khalil Wilson rushing on the next several plays, picking up 24 yds. #10 Roy Russell IV does a short toss to #3 Khalil Wilson and is a little high and can not keep his hands on it, for a loss of 16 yds. Titans recover it.

4th Qtr. Titans come to a 4th and 7, they decide to go for it and throw an incomplete pass, Cavaliers take over on the own 2 yard line, over the next few plays #5 picks up about 20 yds. rushing, #2 passes to #33 for a 13 yd. gain, again another pass from #2 to #7 for a 22 yd. touchdown, #2 attempts a 2 point conversion and comes up short. Score Titans 20-18, Over the next several sets of downs, both teams moved the ball some, but could get near the end-zone or score.

Final Score Einstein HS 20 Kennedy HS 18

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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