Wootton Patriots Falls Short agianst Gaithersburg Trojans

20131004-JVNLR-0063 20131004-JVNLR-0095Gaithersburg Trojans hosted the Wootton Patriots at Richard Montgomery this evening in their Homecoming Game. Wootton wins the toss and defers to the 2nd half. Wootton kicks to #4 Solomon Vault who is lined up near the endzone and returns the kick off for 25 yds. Over the next few plays #10 Nick Decarlo hands off to #5 Xaviyer Mosley who picks up 5 yds.. followed by another 5 yds. 9 yds. and 11 yds. #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #9 Vicco Bedell for a 42 yd. touchdown followed by the extra point being kicked by #6 Luis Vigil, score 7-0. Wootton’s #3 Jibra Woods returns the ensuing kickoff, but loses a few yards on the return. #12 Sam Ellis starts to scramble in the backfield and is sacked by #7 Joris Bieleu for a loss of 7 yds. With a 4th and 16 Wootton punts and #11 Ariel Martinez returns the punt for 33 yds. Starting on the Patriots 5 yard line, #10 Nick Decarlo hands off to #5 Xaviyer Mosley  who punches it in for a touchdown, followed by the extra point being kicked by #6 Luis Vigil, score 14-0. 7:55 left in the 1st qtr. Trevon Diggs returns the kick for 16 yds. Wootton is penalized for a block in the back, net gain 6 yds. #12 Sam Ellis hands off to #32 Jake Koplan, who picks up a few yds. #12 Sam Ellis passes to #3 Jibra Woods for a 82 yd. touchdown, extra point good, score Gaithersburg 14-7. Trojans start moving the ball down the field, rushing and passing, getting deep into Patriots territory, and end up with  #6 Luis Vigil kicking a field goal to make Trojans 17-7.

Wootton moves the ball a little and ends up punting, #5 Xaviyer Mosley picks a few yds. up on the next few plays, Trojans forced to punt with #1 Trevon Diggs netting no yds. on the return. #1 Trevon Diggs picks up a 1st down on a pass from #12 Sam Ellis. Who scrambles on the next play for no yds., 4th and 5 the Patriots go for it and pass to #3 Jibra Woods who pick up 10 yds. #12 Sam Ellis is forced out of the pocket and is sacked for a 7 yd. lose by #15 Kamonte Carter. Trojans #18 Jake Thomas intercepts a pass mid way thru the 2nd qtr. Trojans can’t move the ball and are forced to punt. #12 Sam Ellis next 2 passes are deflected by #78 Avery Taylor  and go for it on 4th and 10, with a pass from #12 Ellis to #1 Diggs picking up 15 yds. Wootton’s #5 Bryan Castillo rushes for a 6 yd. touchdown, followed by #13 Eric Shumacher kicking the extra point. Score Trojans 17-14. Trojans #4 Solomon Vault returns to the game for his second play in the 1st half, for a short screen pass from #10 Decarlo for a gain of 11 yds.

Halftime is Homecoming and Senior Night for Gaithersburg with a short performance of the Poms and Marching Band, followed by the crowning of the King and Queen. The King is #10 Nick Decarlo.

#1 Trevon Diggs picks up 15 yds. on the kick off return, followed by a few incomplete passes from #12 Sam Ellis, Ellis starting connecting with a 6 yd. pass to Diggs, and a 14 yd. pass to #88 Jack Pykosh. #32 Jake Koplan picks up 4 yds. rushing, #12 Sam Ellis passes to the end- zone where #1 Trevon Diggs catches the ball out-of-bounds. #18 Jake Thomas intercepts his 2nd pass of the game, Gaithersburg’s ball on their own 7 yard-line, #10 Nick Decarlo does a keeper for 11 yd. gain, #4 Solomon Vault returns to the game for his 3rd play of the night with a 3 yd. gain. #11 Ariel Martinez  picks up 19 yds. on a Decarlo pass. #5 Xaviyer Mosley picks a few yds. up on the next few plays, with Gaithersburg going for it on a 4th and 1, #10 Decarlo does another keeper and gets 15 yds. followed by an incomplete pass and a completion to #14 Isaiah Rainey for a 14 yd. gain. Starting the 4th qtr. #10 Decarlo pass is intercepted by #4 Grant Ibeh who picks up 18 yds. Patriots #12 Sam Ellis throws a few incomplete passes and is sacked by #56 Anthony Combs, Gaithersburg gets the ball and can’t move it and end up with a punt by #15 Kamonte Carter to the sidelines for a 1 yd. loss. Wootton gets the ball on the Trojans 33 yard line. #78 Avery Taylor hits #12 Sam Ellis who fumbles, it is recovered by #56 Anthony Combs and picks up 8 yds. #10 Decarlo starts handing off  to #22 Zavae Johnson who gains, 4 yds., 15 yds. , and 6 yds., #10 Decarlo picks up 10 on a keeper. Trojans forced to kick a field goad by #6 Luis Vigil, Score Trojans 20-14 Wootton moves the ball but can’t get it in and the clock runs out.

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 20 Wootton HS 14

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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