Damascus HS Varsity Football Defeats Watkins Mill HS

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Watkins Mill HS Wolverines traveled to the Damascus HS, to see if they could get in and out of the Hornets Nest with-out getting stung they got stung a-lot, 49-7.

The Watkins Mill Wolverines won the toss and elected to receive, on 2nd down, there is a miss-snap and they end up losing 18 yds. and go 3 and out to punt from their 4 yd. line, the Damascus HS Swarmin Hornets take over on the Watkins Mill 45 yd. line and quickly start moving the ball down the field, #34 Jake Funk, picks up 10 yds. rushing, #11 Ari Cacopardo, picks up 6 yds. rushing, #7 Stephon Jacob, picks up 15 yds. from a pass from #9 Chase Williams. #34 Jake Funk, picks up 6 yds. rushing, and follows up a few plays later scores the 1st Touchdown of the game on a 9 yd. run. The Hornets go for and fail with a 2 pt. conversion, score Damascus 6-0. Watkins Mill #2 Jaron Woodyard, receives the ensuing kick off and returns 86 yds. for Watkins Mill’s 1st and only Touchdown, and #55 Jonathan Placido, kicks the extra point, Score Watkins Mill 7-6, Damascus set the cruise control and starts to move the ball at will and starts the scoring. The next Touchdown came on a 25 yd. pass from #9 Chase Williams to #7 Stephon Jacob who ran the pass in for another 35 yds. they attempt and make the 2 point conversion, Damascus 14-7 Watkins Mill.

Watkins Mill’s #4 Joseph Maddox, scrambles and loses 5 yds. followed by #2 Jaron Woodyard, rushing for 10 yds. The next play #3 Gradi Tshilombo, loses 8 yds. and the Wolverines are forced to punt from their goal-line for a 35 yd. net punt. The Hornets start moving it again, with #8 Tait Buttrey picking a few yds. up on the next few plays, #9 Chase Williams does a 5 yd. keeper, #7 Stephon Jacob picks up 23 yds. on a pass from #9 Chase Williams, on the next play is a pass from Chase Williams to #2 Jalen Christian, who scores but is called back due to a penalty, Damascus moves the ball and end up going for it on a 4th and 5 from the 5, and draw a offside penalty for the Wolverines, 1/2 the distance to the goal, #34 Jake Funk punches it in for the Touchdown, followed by a failed 2 point conversion. Score Damascus 20-7. Next Touchdown is a 1 yd. keeper by #9 Chase Williams followed by another 2 point conversion. Score Damascus 28-7. 1:48 left in the 1st half. With 4:45 left in the 3rd, the next Touchdown is a 5 yd. keeper by #9 Chase Williams followed by the extra point kick by #35 Joseph Curry, Score Damascus 35-7. With less than 1:15 left in the 3rd, #25 Kevin Proctor score a touchdown for Damascus on a short run, #35 Joseph Curry kick another extra point, score Damascus 42-7. Late in the 4th qtr. #28 Brandon Hall rushes 12 yds. to score the final Touchdown of the game, flowed up by another #35 Joseph Curry extra point.

Final Score Damascus HS 49 Watkins Mill HS 7

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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