Gaithersburg HS 3-0 After Win Over Clarksburg HS

20130920-JVNLR-0145 20130920-JVNLR-0161Gaithersburg HS Trojans came to win this evening against Clarksburg HS Coyotes. Clarksburg wins the toss and defers. On the opening kickoff #4 Solomon Vault of Gaithersburg returns the kick for a 80 yd. touchdown followed up by #6 Luis Vigil kicking the extra point, Gaithersburg is on the scoreboard within 13 seconds of the game starting 7-0.

The next set of downs for Gaithersburg #15  Kamonte Carter sacks #18 Clarksburg for a loss, and they go 3 and out, with the ensuing punt only going 15 yds. Gaithersburg’s #10 Nick Decarlo misses a snap and recovers it, scrambling for a 20 yd. loss. 35 yd. #4 Solomon Vault rushing across the field for a 35 yd. gain. The second of many miss snaps this time result in Clarksburg recovering the ball. Clarksburg is having difficulty moving the ball down the field, #22 picks up 7 on a run up the middle, and Clarksburg is forced to punt. Gaithersburg starts moving the ball down the field with #4 Solomon Vault rushing for 7 yds. followed by a 24 yd. reception by #22 Zavae Johnson. #4 Solomon Vault rushes on the next play for 17 yds. leaving the ball on the one yd. line, #10 Nick Decarlo does a QB keeper and scores a 1 yd. touchdown, followed by another extra point being kicked by #6 Luis Vigil. Clarksburg #22 returns the kickoff 20 yds.

Starting the 2nd Quarter, it looks as if Clarksburg is going to start moving the ball, with #20 picking a few yds. up and #18 doing a keeper for a gain of 18 yds. which was bought back due to a penalty. on a 4 and 18, Clarksburg goes for it with a long pass, it is intercepted by #8 Marc Smith. #4 Solomon Vault rushes for 7 yds. followed by a pass from # 10 Nick Decarlo to #14 Isaiah Rainey for a pick up of 13 yds. Gaithersburg is moving the ball up and down the field almost at will, #10 Nick Decarlo has another missed snap and loses 8 yds. on the next play, #4 Solomon Vault rushes for a gain of 27 yds. but is injured on the play and is helped to the sidelines, followed up with a cart ride away from the field just prior to halftime, not to return for the rest of the game. #5 Xavier Mosley takes over and picks up 5 yds. on the next run, #10 Nick Decarlo does another keeper for a 10 yd. gain. Gaithersburg tries a 30 yd. field goal which has the distance, but is wide. Clarksburg ball with #20 picking up 15 yds. and #22 rushing for 7 yds. Clarksburg goes deep and #8 Marc Smith intercepts the pass. #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #11 Ariel Martinez for a 40 yd. gain. The third missed snap of the first half results in a loses of 5 yds. #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #3 William Tearney for a gain of 50 yds.. It is now 1st and 5 on the 5, Gaithersburg can’t get it in and ends up kicking a field goal to end the 1st half, Score 17-0 Clarksburg’s Poms and Marching Band perform at halftime.

Clarksburg #22 returns the kickoff for 30 yds. #20 picks up 6 yds. on the next play, followed by #22 picks up 29 yds. getting the ball to the Gaithersburg 5 yard line. #18 gains 4 yds. on a keeper, Clarksburg is forced to call a 2nd time out in the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter. #18 passes to #2 for a touchdown, followed by #46 kicking the extra point. score Gaithersburg 17-7. On the kickoff #11 Ariel Martinez takes it for a 89 yd. touchdown, with #6 Luis Vigil kicking the extra point. Gaithersburg 24-7. During the 4th quarter both teams moved the ball some and both got close but could not capitalize. Clarksburg’s #18 throws an interception with # 6 Luis Vigil returning it for 30 yds.

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 24 Clarksburg HS 7

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

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