Springbrook HS Varsity Football to Forfeit Clarksburg HS Game

(Based on a MocoFootball Forum Posting Thursday Afternoon.)

Folks.  This is Adam Bahr–varsity football coach at Springbrook.

We will have to forfeit the Clarksburg game.  We inadvertently had a player who turned 19 over the summer.  He had been in the program since freshman year and never stayed back.

The error was on MY part only and not on the part of anyone but me.  I am so sorry for sullying my school’s reputation and sorry for the pain my players feel for having to forfeit.

I respect the integrity of the sport.  I respect the state and county rules.  I am sorry that I was not thorough enough in my record-keeping. I hope this answers everyone’s questions.

The rumors are true. Coach Bahr dropped the ball.

Now we have to try to rebound and get ready for the next game.