Quince Orchard rolls over Clarkburg for Season Opener


The 2013 season opener between Quince Orchard HS Cougars, the past 2 years’ Maryland 4A State Finalists, and Clarksburg HS Coyotes, a team that is still developing much young talent, held few surprises. Quince Orchard came away with a satisfying win, though Clarksburg was able to make the QO starters work for it beyond halftime. QO’s dynamic WR Elliot Davis made the first score on a 28 yd. TD pass from quarterback Mike Murtaugh. Murtaugh is in place once more, leading QO’s offense after recovering from last year’s season-ending injury that befell him in the 3rd game.
Clarksburg was able to answer back, with a Tavis Holland TD and extra point made by Craig Jessup that lifted the Coyotes’ spirits and showed that they are truly rising up this year. The game remained competitive through the next QO touchdown by RB Kevin Joppy (who transferred from Seneca Valley this summer). Clarksburg fell behind to 21-7 after Davis caught a second touchdown pass from Murtaugh before halftime.
Wide receiver Malcolm Brown thrilled the Red Army and overflowing Quince Orchard crowd, by adding 2 tds in the 2nd half. QO’s Troy Porter contributed 5 extra points to the game with his kicks. Both teams are worth watching this season. Clarksburg should mature quite a bit, as the games wear on. Quince Orchard has ample talent with several 2nd and 3rd year starters who have played for State Championships, as well as talented transfers Kevin Joppy and DL Adam McLean, and younger players like sophomore RB Shawn Barlow, who are already making their presence known.
Final Score:  Quince Orchard HS 35-7 Clarksburg HS
Scoring for Quince Orchard:  Elliot Davis, 2tds, Kevin Joppy, 1td, Malcolm Brown, 2tds, Troy Porter, 5 extra points
Scoring for Clarksburg: Tavis Holland, 1td, Craig Jessup, 1 extra point

Story and Photos by Lisa Levenbach

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