Magruder wins big over Churchill Boys Basketball

20120426-JVNLR-0015 20120426-JVNLR-0208Senior Night at Churchill High School, The 4A Boys clashed with the Magruder Colonels. The Colonels struggled early, couldn’t find anything to stop the
Bulldogs fast paced, rim attacking basketball. The Colonels weren’t crashing
the offensive glass like they wanted to in the first few minutes. The Bulldogs
were great tonight on second point attempts with grabbing the boards and putting it back up with for an easy 2 pts.

Keeping the Bulldogs alive,  junior guard Malik Harris near-perfect from the line being 5-6. The Colonels stopped the push, wasting no time. The Colonels ran a full court press, in the Bulldogs face all over the court. The Bulldogs were getting good looks but just couldn’t seem to keep the momentum they had in the beginning of the game consistent. The Churchill Bulldogs shot 1 three-pointer the whole game while the Magruder Colonels shot 8 three-pointers. The Bulldogs struggled to defend from beyond the arc which help lead to a 67-42 loss to the Magruder Colonels.

Final Score Watkins Mill HS 42 Churchill HS 67

Story by Humphrey Masina

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at