Magruder Hang Tough againist Wootton Girls

20120412-JVNLR-0005 20120412-JVNLR-0029Sheri Addison #31 had a lot of shots taking it to the paint for Wootton HS. Janel
Brown #34 was in total control of the paint with put backs and going to the free
throw line. Lidia Castillo #5 used grabbed boards and had a few put backs with
her height advantage. Nicole Ricketts #3 led the team in assists. Sarah
Wallerstedt #2 did a great job rebounding unfortunately she needed help in the
paint. Kaitlin Klausing was raining 3s in the late 4th quarter for Wootton.
Wootton would still come up short in the last few moments.

Final Score Magruder HS 59 Wootton HS 55

Story by Humphrey Masina

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at