Gaithersburg Girls win over Clarksburg

20130128-JVNLR-0090 20130128-JVNLR-0006In the last meeting Gaithersburg’s Lady Trojans topped Clarksburg’s girls basketball team with a 63-41 win. Gaithersburg came into this game knowing they had a taller team. So rebounds were none of their concern tonight. Lady Trojans Junior guard Christine Mabry did what she does best with her midrange jump shot. Shes averaging a high field goal percentage this year. Also, Junior center Janessa Fauntroy had the paint locked down all game with 3 blocks as Clarksburg sophomore point guard Sydney Spencer dished the ball out to her guard Rachael Magee beyond the arc when there were no looks in the paint. Gaithersburg improves to 9-4.

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 68 Clarksburg HS 47

Story by Humphrey Masina

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at