Damascus HS Division 3 MCPS Poms Competition 1/12/2013

20130112-JVNLR-0776 20130112-JVNLR-1283Damascus HS hosted three divisions of Montgomery County High School Pom Teams on Saturday 1/12/2013, Due to prior scheduling, we were able to provided coverage for Division 3 and Division 2. The schools in Division 3 included, BCC HS, Watkins Mill HS, Gaithersburg HS, Springbrook HS, Northwood HS, Wheaton HS. Fan support appear to be lighter than normal, BCC HS, Northwood HS and Wheaton HS each appeared to have approximately 25 fans, Springbrook HS and Watkins Mill HS each had approximately 60 fans and Gaithersburg HS had approximately 150 to show support. About 75 students from Gaithersburg moved to the Wheaton section and cheered Wheaton on during their performance.

The results from Division 3 were as follows:

Spirit Award: Gaithersburg HS.

Captains Awards: 1st Place Springbrook HS, 2nd Place Wheaton HS, 3rd Place Northwood HS.

Overall Winners: 1st Place BCC HS, 2nd Place Springbrook HS, 3rd Place Gaithersburg HS.

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at