Magruder Wins Big Over Sherwood

20121217_JVN_8153 20121217_JVN_8205The Magruder Colonels hosted the Sherwood Warriors in an anticipated matchup. The Warriors got off to the board first, and then both teams were almost even, and playing the same game. Magruder got off a good share of open jumpers that were good-by #5 Senior guard Nick Griffin who had a good night, and the warriors hung around with a team effort in a well-balanced first quarter. Early in the second the Colonels started to gain control of the game as the warriors couldn’t seem to put the ball in the basket despite an effort by senior guard #24 Daryl Brown. Senior guard #10 JJ Epps of the Colonels didn’t seem to be scoring as much, but he set up great scoring opportunities for his teammates sending his team into halftime with great momentum.

Coming out in the second half the Colonels played with more of an uptempo and energized, executing plays almost to perfection and playing stellar defense not allowing Sherwood to get anything going. At the start of the fourth quarter the Colonels led by 16 then continued to just flat-out out play Sherwood at every aspect of the game extending their lead to 25 and eventually ran away with the lead and went on to win.

Final Score Magruder HS 69 Sherwood HS 44

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at