Churchill wins over Gaithersburg Girls Basketball

20121211_JVN_7294 20121211_JVN_7266In the 3rd game of the regular season The Lady Trojans coming off their first lost in about 3 seasons hosted the Lady Bulldogs of Winston Churchill. Early off in the game the Lady Bulldogs came out ready starting the game on a 9-0 run, midway through the first quarter the Lady Trojans started to make their way back into the game. The Bulldogs rebounded and scored on almost every opportunity they had maintaining a lead till the second quarter. Early in the second the game was close,  both teams were executing. Despite foul trouble from both teams they both capitalized in their free throws keeping the game close but slightly under control by the Bulldogs. The Trojans turned the ball over often forced by a press defense by the Bulldogs. The difference maker uncharted first half was turnovers, the Trojans had a few too many allowing the Churchill to have the lead at halftime.

Coming out in the second half Gaithersburg was more aggressive as a team and took more high percentage shots and played smarter basketball then in the first half, the Bulldogs continued to play smart as they did in the first half holding on to their lead and getting to the line slightly more  than Gaithersburg. At the start of the 4th Senior Forward of Gaithersburg #30 Janessa Fauntroy stepped up and start playing like a beast, down low and getting to the free throw line, making all of them. The Bulldogs were just too much playing a balanced game doing everything correct and keeping Gaithersburg from playing a team game….

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 50 Winston Churchill HS 57

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at