Gaithersburg Lady Trojans countiue the Winning Streak to 53

20121206_JVN_6940 20121206_JVN_7178In the girls season opener for the Gaithersburg Lady Trojans they hosted The Montgomery Blair Blazers. Early off in the game The Lady Trojans had good ball movement and were getting off good high percentage shots at the basket maintaining a slight lead over the Blazers. Despite a not so momentous first quarter the Blazers hung tough. Throughout the second quarter The Lady Trojans junior forward #30 Janessa Fauntroy started playing big grabbing rebounds and getting to the free throw line, despite a little foul trouble she contributed to keeping her team around in the second. Senior guard #15 Johanna Lopez of The Blazers kept her team around setting up hood shot opportunities for her teammates. Despite a first half with a good amount of turnovers from both teams the score remained tight.

Early in the third The Blazers seemed to play more of an organized game and had momentum on their side hanging around and taking the lead once. The Lady Trojans remained calm and in a comfortable position consistently getting to the free throw line and capitalizing on their opportunity by going perfect as a team up until that point in the game. At the start of the fourth quarter the game was tight and up for grabs. Both teams were going stride for stride throughout the 4th and it came down to who stepped up on defense and made the most of their opportunity and The Lady Trojans did that capitalizing off steals on fast breaks and again, consistently putting in every free throw opportunity they earned. The Lady Trojans continued they’re astonishing win streak with the victory tonight.

Final Score Gaithersburg HS 53 Montgomery Blair HS 45

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at