Screaming Eagles taken down by Urbana Hawks in round 2 Playoffs

In the 2nd Round of the playoffs The Screaming Eagles of Seneca Valley hosted the Urbana Hawks. Seneca received the ball first and on their opening drive they marched down field and attempted a 27 yd field goal which was blocked by the Hawks. The Hawks took over on their own 5 a little over midway through the 1st quarter, RB #22 Raekwon Gray picks up for 38 yds after a few completions, which got their offense down to the Eagles 5 yd line. Urbana handed the ball off to their back #22 Raekwon Gray for a 4 yd touchdown run, and attempted a 2 point conversion, which was no good 6-0 Urbana. The Eagles would go 3 and out on three straight incompletion and the Hawks followed up with the same results. At the end of the first quarter Urbana led 6-0. Seneca receives a delay of game penalty on a 30 yd field goal attempt on 4th down, so they went for the 1st down, and received a first down on a pass interference call.

The Eagles would go ahead to score on 3rd and goal on a reverse run to back Nick Fahs 7-6 Seneca. Urbana started their next drive on their own 21 but punted the ball away after a messy drive. Seneca took over on the Hawks 39 after a punt with just above 5 minutes left in the half. Seneca senior back James Jones Williams would leave the game after an apparent hamstring injury. The Eagles would march down to the Hawks 13 yd line and attempt a 27 yd field goal and it was good Seneca 10-6 with about a minute left in the half. Urbana goes 3 and out quick and turns the ball over to the Eagles with a little under a minute left on the clock with no timeout. The Eagles scored on a 51 yd Td pass right before the half. 17-6 Screaming Eagles. Urbana would attempt to get something out of the half with 30 seconds left and threw an interception and the Eagles would take it into the Hawks territory and attempt a 32 yd field goal with 5 seconds left in the half, and it was no good.

Opening the second half, the Hawks gets the ball into Eagles territory after a short kickoff and a personal foul penalty. The Hawks marched down to the Eagles 10 yard line and would attempt a 21 yd field goal and it was no good, the Eagles takeover and go 3 and out, Hawks take over on downs and march down to the Eagles 13 yd line and score on a 9 yd touchdown run, by senior back #22 Raekwon Gray 17-12 Eagles, followed by a failed two point conversion pass. The Eagles came out and turned the ball over on an interception by Brandon Plante, defensive back for the hawks. Senior back Raekwon Gray of Urbana would run for a 31 yd touchdown following the interception to give his team the lead, 18-17 Urbana, two point conversion was no good. At the end of the third quarter the Hawks lead 18-17 as the Eagles prepared to punt the ball away at the beginning of the 4th.

Urbana gets the ball on the punt, and go 3 and out that possession and punts the ball back to the Eagles. The QB fumbles the ball while being sacked and it is recovered by the Hawks. Urbana runs the ball till they are 4th & 2 then convert on the ground for a pivotal first down. Urbana got down to the Eagles goal line and would score on a 5 yd TD run by senior back #22 Raekwon Gray who had three touchdowns on the night. The two point conversion was good on a two yard pass 26-17 Urbana.

Seneca gets the ball back with about 2 minutes and two timeout left, and reach 4th & 8 and go for it and the Hawks get a sack and take over on downs. The hawks would eat up the clock on a first down and kneel the game out, final score 26-17 Urbana, congrats to the Hawks on there win, and. Congrats to the Eagles on a well-played season.

Final Score Seneca Valley HS 17 Urbana HS 26

Photos by Jeffrey Vogt, Story by Devaunte Morgan

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