Semi Final win by Wootton Boys Varsity Soccer over Perry Hall HS

Wootton Advances to State Final for the First Ever

Wootton made history Saturday by making the state final for the first time in their programs history. The game was loaded with chances for both teams. Wootton, who are very tactical, kept the ball for the majority of the game while Perry Hall defended well and looked to score on the fast break.  The first goal came in the 6th minute by Senior Matt Hoy when he trapped a long ball by Senior Spiros Tsakos at the top of the eighteen and place it lower ninety. In the 25th minute a hand ball was called in favor of Perry Hall but it was saved by keeper Jeremy Yeager.

The Patriots looked strong in the first half until Perry Hall scored off a corner kick in the 26th minute by Justin Ornelas. At this point the Gator’s gained confidence and had a couple of opportunities to score. In the second half the patriots recovered when an own goal was scored by the Gators making it 2-1. In the 72nd minute Hoy finished the Gator’s off by scoring his 25th goal of the season and showing how he’s been a dominant force for the Patriots all season. Wootton looks to take on Severna Park in the State Final at UMBC.

Final Score Wootton HS 3 Perry Hall HS 0

Story by Sergio Mosquera

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at