Damascus HS Remains Undefeated after win over Seneca Valley

With the playoffs approaching, the week #9 battle,featuring the undefeated 3A West Titans, the 8/0 Damascus Hornets hosting the (8-0) Seneca Valley Screaming Eagles, in which also is the Hornets senior night.

Early off, the Screaming Eagles defense didn’t allow the Hornets a first down as they forced an early turnover. They would punch in there first TD of the game the follow drive giving the Screaming Eagles the lead 7-0. The Hornets had four turnovers in the first half including 2 interceptions and would eventually get to burst out and get their first Td when sophomore Jalen Christian takes an 85 yard interception to the house for the game tying score late in the first quarter. Senior John Hanley caught a 17 yard Td pass late in the second quarter which would give the Hornets the lead 14-7 going into halftime.

Late in the 3rd quarter Senior back James Jones-Williams takes a short catch 67 yards for a touchdown. Looking to tie the game with an extra punt the Eagles line up to kick and the beast senior defensive tackle Rashard Budd came straight up the middle and blocked the extra point which was very pivotal for both teams. Senior tackle Rashard Budd also dominated the last two drives of the game sacking the Eagles QB and snatching an interception that he almost returned for a TD dealing the game and giving his team a top playoff seed. Final score 14-13 Hornets. The Hornets are bow (9-0) going into the final week of their season against the Northwood Gladiators. The Eagles are now 8-1 going into the final game of their season against the Watkins Mill Wolverines who are also fighting for a playoff spot.

Final Score Damascus HS 14 Seneca Valley HS 13

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at