Churchill Bulldogs take a bite out of the Gaithersburg Trojans

A Saturday afternoon game featuring the Churchill Bulldogs who came to win on the new field at Gaithersburg High School. Churchill starts marching down the field and # 84 William Tearney intercepts a pass, but a penalty wipes it away and the Bulldogs have the ball on a 3 down 13 to go, #18 Aaron Christopher catches a pass for 35 yds, #3 Vinny Montgillion rushes for 0 and then 14 yds, #10 Jonathan Lee picks up 6 yds on a keeper, #2 Dominique Williams scores on a 6 yd Touchdown pass, with the extra point was good. Score Bulldogs 7 Trojans 0. #12 Xaviyer Mosley returns the ensuing kickoff for 15 yds. Trojans end up turning the ball over, #19 Juwan Hamelin rushes for 10 yds, #10 Jonathan Lee is sacked for a 5 yd loss by #78 Avery Taylor, Bulldogs attempt a field goal and come up short. Trojans #11 Ariel Martinez picks up 10 on a pass. End of 1st qtr.

#4 Solomon Vault runs a few rushing plays for 3 yds each, Trojans forced to punt, #3 Vinny Montgillion returns the punt for about 30 yds and the Bulldogs get a block to the back penalty erasing part of the return. Next few play are incomplete passes, and punt on 4th and 10. #4 Solomon Vault rushes for a few yards over the next few downs including getting wrapped up in the backfield for a loss of 5, Trojans punt and there is another penalty, roughing the kicker, Trojans automatic 1st down.  The Trojans look like they are starting to come around with #4 Solomon Vault rushing for 12 and 3 yds, they attempt a half back pass and it is intercepted in the end zone by #2 Dominique Williams for a touchback. Bulldogs start on their 20, #23 Malik Harris rushes for a few and they are forced to punt, Gaithersburg rushes for a few and then is punting again, over the next few plays there are several penalties including 2 unsportsmanlike conduct and a pass interference. #10 Jonathan Lee is sacked by Trojans #78 Avery Taylor again for a loss of 5. #19 Marc Smith intercepts a Bulldog pass and returns it for about 35 yds, multiple flags.

The halftime show included the Gaithersburg Marching Band, along with the Cheerleaders and Pom’s.

Starting the 3rd qtr, Trojans #4 Solomon Vault rushes for no gain, no gain, and #17 Steven Funk is sacked and fumbles, Trojans recover and forced to punt, Flags are frequent for Offside, Illegal procedure, #23 Malik Harris rush with no gain, #19 Juwan Hamelin catches a pass for 20 yd gain, the next play the ball is over snapped and forces a loss of 20 yds, #19 Juwan Hamelin picks up 10 off a pass, Bulldogs punt after a delay of game penalty, #4 Solomon Vault returning for 10 yds, and then rushing for 7 yds, no gain, passing to #5 Mike Datu for a gain of 5, penalty for Illegal Procedure, #12 Xaviyer Mosley rushes for 3, and on the next play, Bulldogs #15 Joe Nolan intercepts a pass, #3 Vinny Montgiilion fumbles and is recovered, #23 Malik Harris picks up 18 yds rushing, Again both teams receive unsportsmanlike penalties, #6 Blake Dove is sacked again by #78 Avery Taylor for a loss of 4 and he is getting a lot of heavy penetration in the backfield, next play #78 Avery Taylor hits the qb again and gets a roughing the passer penalty. #23 Malik Harris runs the option for a loss of 5, Bulldogs attempted a field goal and gets an illegal procedure penalty, on the retry #3 Johnny Huling tips the kick and the field goal is no good. #55 Giuilan Grace sacks the qb for a loss of 11, #4 Solomon Vault rushes for 5, Trojans punts.

4th qtr, Bulldogs #23 Malik Harris rushes for 4 yds, 7 yds, -4 yds, #78 Avery Taylor sacks the qb for a loss of 15, #5 picks up 15 off a pass, Bulldogs now going for it on a 4th and 6, #6 Blake Dove runs and is taken down by #3 Johnny Huling. Trojans ball, #7 Jake Longnecker gets good penetration and almost sacks the qb, #4 Solomon Vault runs down the side line for a 74 yd touchdown, extra point is blocked, score Trojans 6 Bulldogs 7, next few plays feature a few more penalties and little gain, bulldogs punt, Trojans can’t advance the ball and forced to punt. Bulldogs #3 Vinny Montgillion rushed for 15 and is injured on the play and is taken of the field on a cart with a leg injury. #23 Malik Harris rushes for 3 yds, 12 yds, #5 catches a pass for 19 yd gain, #6 Blake Dove rushes for 7 then #10 Jonathan Lee rushes for 3, and then 7 yds. #23 Malik Harris rushes for a 18 yd Touchdown, extra point no good,

Final Score Churchill HS 13 Gaithersburg HS 6

Story by Jeffrey Vogt

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at