Watkins Mill HS Incident Updates

With a police presence already attending the game, several fights broke out in the park across the street from the school shortly after the game, a Watkins Mill 10th grade female student was struck by a police cruiser that was responding to the scene of the fight. She apparently ran in between to cruiser’s that had the lights and siren going. She was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Saturday morning update states that she is alert and talking.


Watkins Mill Principal Scott Murphy released the following statement:

Updated September 22, 2012

Dear Watkins Mill Community,

I am writing to update you on the serious incident that occurred after the football game on Friday, September 21. Following the game, 10th grade student Janaya Richards was struck by a police vehicle on Apple Ridge Road in the area near our school. I have been in close contact with her family and the hospital throughout the night. As of this morning, Janaya remains in guarded but stable condition, and is alert and talking with doctors. I know the entire community joins me in wishing her a speedy recovery and is keeping her family in our thoughts and prayers.

The police are conducting a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding this accident. What we do know at this time is that the police were responding to reports of fights in the neighborhood after the football game. It is important to note that the game ended without incident, most spectators had left the school campus, and the reports of fighting took place off school property in a neighborhood near our school. A strong police presence was already in place, as a result of collaboration with the police department that takes place at each football game. Additional officers were responding to the area when the accident occurred. We will be awaiting additional details as a result of the police investigation. As we move forward, I will ensure that the community has an opportunity to be informed and ask questions about the facts surrounding this incident.

In the meantime, I want to assure you that counselors and support staff will be available on Monday to provide support to students as needed. Homecoming preparations will continue as planned and will culminate with the next football game on September 28 and the dance on September 29. While our primary concern rests with Janaya, her family, and our student body, I can assure you that every possible measure will be taken to ensure that Watkins Mill remains a positive, safe school environment where our students thrive and our community feels a sense of pride.

Thank you for your support.


We will update the story as soon as we receive updates