Springbrook beats Gaithersburg in Week #2 Battle

Gaithersburg Trojans receives the opening kick off against the Springbrook Blue Devils. The Trojans opening set of downs, #4 Solomon Vault runs twice for no gain and 8 yds rushing, next play #34 rushes with no gain, Gaithersburg is forced to punt the ball. Springbrook starts their opening set of downs with an incomplete pass, #10 Brion Robinson rushes no gain, #10 Brion Robinson rushes for a gain of 5 yds, and a 10 yd rushing gain. Next few downs are run by #10 Brion Robinson for 8 yds rushing, a sweep for about 20 yds and a 3 yd Touchdown run. The extra point kick was wide, no good. Score Springbrook 6-0.

Gaithersburg #11 Ariel Martinez returns the ensuing kickoff for 10 yds, on the next play, penalty Trojans, Illegal Procedure, goes to 1st down and 15, #10 Nick Decarlo throws an incomplete pass, scrambles out of the pocket for no gain, Trojans forced to punt, Blue Devils starting on the Trojans 47 yd line. #27 Waddah Gawiesh runs for a gain of 13 yds, #3 Jelani Williamson attempts to handoff to #10 Brion Robinson and the ball is bobbled and recovered for a loss of 4 yds. #10 Brion Robinson runs for a gain of 5 yds, End of 1st Qtr. #10 Brion Robinson picks up a 1st down on a 4th and 8, #10 Brion Robinson gang tackled for a loss of 5 yds. Several penalty’s were incurred by both side throughout the game.

#3 Jelani Williamson does a qb keeper and gains 15 yds on a 3rd and 20, #11 Kevin Coffie rushes for a 28 yd TD, that is called back due to a penalty, becomes a 3rd and 14 from the 22, #10 Brion Robinson tripped up with no gain. Trojans #5 Mike Datu sacks #3 Jelani Williamson for a loss of 13 yds. Turnover on downs, Trojans #4 Solomon Vault rushes for 10 yds, incurs a late hit penalty, few plays later, becomes 4th and 6, Trojans going for it, pass incomplete, turnover on downs. Blue Devils # 27 Waddah Gawiesh rushes for the next few plays for a gain of 7 yds, 4 yds, no gain, and 3 yds. #10 Brion Williamson rushes with no gain. Several times throughout the game the officials had to deal with clock issue’s. Halftime comes around with the Blue Devils 6 Trojans 0. The Blue Devils Poms and Marching Band perform during halftime.

Start the 3rd qtr, Trojans kickoff and #27 Waddah Gawiesh return for 10 yd gain. The next several downs are rushing with #10 Brion Williamson for 6 yds, #33 Julio Garcia for 5 yds, #3 Jelani Williamson for 8 yds, #10 Brion Williamson for 7 yds, next down #10 Brion Williamson was gang tackled for a loss of 4 yds and then a gain of about 5 yds. Trojans #33 David Hayes sacks #3 Jelani Williamson for a loss of 4 forcing the Blue Devils to punt. #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #16 Dalton Kephart  for a 4 yd pass, #4 Solomon Vault struggles rushing for a loss of 5 yds, next down gets the Trojans an Illegal Procedure making it a 3rd and 19, #10 Nick Decarlo tries to gather an over snapped ball which garners a loss of 15 forcing a 4th and 39 and to punt from their end zone, The punt nets on a short amount and gives the Blue Devil a start on the Trojans 11 yd line. #10 Brion Williamson rushes for a 9 yd Touchdown, extra point was no good, score Blue Devils 12 Trojans 0. #11 Ariel Martinez returns the kick for about 25 yds, #10 Nick Decarlo runs for 9 yds and fumbles, Trojans recover, next down #10 Nick Decarlo runs for 11 yds. #4 Solomon Vault rushes and picks up 30 yds, and 3 yds, #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #16 Dalton Kephart for a couple, making it 4th and 8, Trojans going for it, #10 Nick Decarlo passes to #2 Jerimiah Akoi for 9 yds, 1st down.

Starting 4th Qtr, #4 Solomon Vault picks up 10 yds, 1st and goal, #4 Solomon Vault runs in a 3 yd TD, extra point is good score Blue Devils 12 Trojans 7. During the 4th qtr, a fan sprinted down the middle of the field and vanished into the woods. Several more penalty including a pushing match after a player was pushed out-of-bounds on the Trojans Sidelines, One player ejected for the Trojans. #10 Brion Williamson rushes for 20 yd Touchdown, followed up by a 2 point conversion run in by #3 Jelani Williamson, score Blue Devils 20 Trojans 7.

Final Score Springbrook 20 Gaithersburg 7

Story by Jeffrey Vogt

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at

Recap from Steven Decarlo:

Terrence Caudle score three touchdowns and Springbrook had little trouble picking up big chunks of yardage on the ground as they easily defeated Gaithersburg 20-7. The Blue Devils had little trouble as they wove their way through the Trojans defense. On the Blue Devils opening possession it was all Caudle who ate up 47 yards on the ground on his way to a 3 yard touchdown run. A holding penalty kept Springbrook from extending their lead before the half when a reverse for a touchdown was called back for holding. Poor tackling, bad penalties and too many dropped passes doomed Gaithersburg. A Zach Keris 9 yard punt from out of his end zone gave Springbrook a very short field and Caudle scored his second touchdown of the game from 10 yards out to make it 12-0. Gaithersburg followed with their best offense series of the evening as Solomon Vault and Nick DeCarlo moved the Trojans the length of the field with big runs and clutch passes to cut the Springbrook lead to 12-7 early in the 4th quarter. Vault scored on a 4 Yard run, his 5th touchdown in two games. But Springbrook responded with an 80 yard drive helped by 30 yards in personal foul penalties on the Trojans Caudle scored his 3rd TD on the ground from 15 yards out.