Gaithersburg wins over Richard Montgomery in final seconds

Gaithersburg HS Varsity pulls season opening win in final seconds. The game was originally set for Saturday at 2pm and was changed to be played Friday night at 7pm. The game started at 7:50 due to part of the officials being late.

Gaithersburg #4 Solomon Vault scores the 1st touchdown on a 2nd and 5 by running it in, #6 Zack Keres kicks the extra point. In the next set of downs #4 Solomon Vault intercepts a pass, but is called back for a penalty. Richard Montgomery scores from the 4 yd line, extra point good, score 7-7.

Richard Montgomery #3 QB appears to be very versatile with running and passing, and in the 2nd quarter scores on a 5 yd run, goes for and gets 2 for extra point, score  RM 15-7 GB. Richard Montgomery kick off’s are mostly onside kicks and they are capitalizing on the majority of them. Gaithersburg appears to have trouble receiving 15 yd penalties in two consecutive plays. Richard Montgomery’s #3 runs for a 12 yd TD. Kickoff again was on sides and the Rockets recovered. First half score Rocket’s 22 Trojans 7.

The Trojans come out looking like a new team, moving the ball quickly down field. #4 Solomon Vault runs the ball several times and picks up 14 yds, 15 yds and to round it out a 11 yd TD. Rockets 22 to 15. Rockets QB #3 does a sneak and picks up 7 yds, then throws a pick by #15 Kamonte Carter, Trojans ball on the Rockets 27 yard line. #4 Solomon Vault picks up 8 yds and 13 yds, Quarter Back #10 Nick Decarlo tries a sneak and only gets a yd, #12 Xaviyer Mosley score a TD on a 4 yd run. Rockets #9 blocks the extra point, Rockets 22 Trojans 21 with 6:50 left in 3rd. Rockets #3 pitches out for a 16 yd gain, next play Trojans #71 Ben Rockwood sacks for no gain. Rockets #3 keeper for 8 yds, next play #3 sweeps out for a gain of 20 yds before being pushed out-of-bounds. Trojan #71 Ben Rockwood sacks #3 for another short loss of yds.

Starting out in the 4th the Rockets punt to the Trojans 4 yd line, they go 3 and out and is forced to punt from their own 10 yd line, Ball is over snapped and scores the Rockets a 2 point safety. Rockets #3 picks up 14 yds, then #1 runs up the middle for a few. Next play Trojans #5 Mike Datu tackles for a 10 yd loss, forcing the Rockets to punt. Trojans start on the 20 yd line and the 1st play #4 Solomon Vault runs 80 yds for a td, extra point no good, score Rockets 24 Trojans 27.Rockets #3 does the sneak again and picks up 6, #1 runs for a gain of 40 yds, gets up sore for a hard hit. #8 picks a few yds up, #23 picks up 5 yds, #1 picks up 9 yds, Rockets call a time out with 50 seconds left with the ball on the 1 1/2 yd line. Rockets #1 score on the insuring play, extra point no good, score Rockets 30 Trojans 27. Rockets try another onside kick Trojan recover on their own 48, #10 Nick Decarlo throws 3 incomplete passes for a 4 and 10 on there 48, and decide to go for it, #10 Nick Decarlo runs for a pick up of 24 yds, then he throws to #19 Marc Smith for another 20 + yds. 16 seconds left Rockets have an injured player on the field, carried off after about a 10 minute delay. Trojans #4 Solomon Vault scores a TD on a 5 yd run, extra point blocked. 7.5 seconds left score Rockets 30 Trojans 33. Game over at 10:25 pm.

Final Score Gaithersburg 33 Richard Montgomery 30

Story by Jeffrey Vogt

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at