Watkins Mill High School Preseason Practice

Watkins Mill High School preseason practice 8/21/2012

How many returning players do you have?

Total of 12, 4 on Defense and 8 on Offense.

When Coach Watson was asked to tell us a few players that will standout and be top performers this year?

Patrick Schlosser – QB and Kicker, Quinton Littlejohn – WR, RB,DB, Returner, Dontay Hears- WR, DB, Returner, Karsten Bratt- OL, DL

Coach Watson’s prediction for how Watkins Mill season will be,

We look to improve on last year’s record and continue to move the football program forward. We will be one game at a time.

Any thoughts as to who is going to be your toughest opponent?

Coach Watson replied, All of them will be tough, we are young on the defensive side of the football and a lot players going both ways. Until we get the younger players up to speed.

Story by Jeffrey Vogt

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