MCPS Poms 2/4/2012 Div #2 and #3 ***** 3D HD 1080 Videos

We have finally edited and have available some 3D HD 1080 videos with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, of some of the pom squads that performed at Richard Montgomery HS on 2/4/2012.

The following schools, Watkins Mill HS, Quince Orchard HS, Clarksburg HS, Montgomery Blair HS, Springbrook HS, Seneca Valley HS, Gaithersburg HS. are available. Each video is approximately 4 to 7 minutes, with a file size of 1 Gig to 1.5 Gig, be sure that you have a fast internet connection for downloading. If you have Dial Up or DSL the download will be extremely slow. Cable and Fios connections are recommended.

Video’s are available via download in a .iso file format, and burn-able by you to a DVD to be played in a 3D Blu Ray player, in 3D HD. You can download a free copy of IMG Burn at

Video’s have a simple title, pom performance, ending credit, no special editing, no special effects, no menus. One camera angle only, shot from the stands with fans, some hands and our heads may appear at random points in video’s.

If you are interested in a copy, email us for ordering and downloading info. We will provide a PayPal address to make the payment and email you back a temporary website directory for downing the files. The Directory will only be available for one day only and will be changed regularly.

Each file will be available for $19.99, For a single download and single personal copy, please do not redistributed this file to share with others.