Watkins MIll win over Clarksburg Girl’s

The second half of Friday nights doubleheader, with the girls rivalry game on senior night. The Lady Wolverines hosted the Lady Coyotes with only two games left in the season. The Lady Wolverines got off to a hot start with a fast paced offense and playing great defense being lead by senior Josepha Mbouma who came out doing everything right on the offensive side and defensive side allowing the Rines to lead all throughout the first half.

Entering the second half senior Josepha Mbouma who finished with a team leading 17 points continued to lead her team with her scoring which allowed everything else to fall into to place for her teammates as she was drawing attention from the Coyotes. Overall it was a one-sided game up untill the end as the Coyotes tried to make a comeback. Congratulations to the Lady Wolverines.

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at