Clarksburg Boys win at Watkins Mill

Friday February 10 th, the game everyone came to see. Watkins Mill Wolverines continue their 12 game win streak vs the Clarksburg Coyotes, it was a much expected rivalry game, the stands were packed on the home and away sides full of loud pumped up fans. The Wolverines came out with a couple turnovers and a rather less expected first quarter allowing the Coyotes to capitalize off of there turnovers and gain a slight lead.

Entering the second quarter the Rines still continue to struggle to stop the Coyotes up tempo offense and are hanging around with clutch baskets by their guard Tyvon Grant, the Rines go into the half down by 12. Coming out for the second half the Rines attempt to increase their defensive pressure and force turnovers, but the Coyotes just continue to pressure the Rines causing them to turn over the ball and allowing the Coyotes to capitalize off of it. The Rines were also out rebounded throughout the game overall allowing the Coyotes to win by not too much but just enough 56 – 48 congrats to the Coyotes.

Final Score: Watkins Mill 48 Clarksburg 56

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at