Watkins Mill Boys Varsity Basketball on Fire

Looking to continue their hot win streak, the Watkins Mill Wolverines faceoff in a home grudge match with the Northwood Gladiators. Early in the game both teams were struggling to put the ball in the hoop and had a couple of turnovers of their own. Watkins Mill lead by their fantastic point guard Tyvon Grant starts to pick up the tempo playing strong uptight defense forcing turnovers and capitalizing on fast breaks, while limiting their own turnovers and taking the lead going into halftime. Coming out of halftime the Wolverines looked like the team everyone was expecting, they were doing everything at full speed and executing. Jeffrey Adarkwa caught fire in the second half putting on a showcase of long-range jumpers to expand the lead for his team, and Tyvon Grant also keeping the tempo at a high-speed clearly was too much for the gladiators to handle. Strong defense as a whole, including strong defense throughout the rest of the game especially by the 6’3 senior Torex Rhea allowed the Wolverines to soar to there 11th straight win, Congratulations Rines.

Story by Devaunte Morgan

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at