Battle of the Titans, Quince Orchard Loses in Overtime

The start of the of the game  red towels and white towels waving in the air. 7,000 fans screaming their chants , battling each other with their screams and chants.

Quince Orchard had the opening kickoff in the Battle of the Titans, in the 4A State Championship. Old Mill first series was stopped by the QO defense. With 3 minutes into the game # 7 Billy Plante throws a 47 yard pass to #1 Tyrell Williams to set up a 2 yard touchdown by #6 Mark Green. 7-0 QO.

In the start of the 2nd quarter the QO drove 72 yards for a #7 Billy Plante 2 yard pass to  #44 Marty Heyn on the goal line. Old Mill answers within 22 seconds left in the 1st half they scores by a 11 yard pass by #10 Deonte Shields to #2 Devin Salisbury. 14-7

To open the 2nd half QO #82 Devin Haywood catch the kickoff and fumbles the ball and #6 Torie Wagner picks the ball up and return it for a touchdown 21-14. Old Mill defense comes alive and  3 and out for QO. The score is 28-14 with 0:09 seconds left in the #10 Deonte Shields throws a 64 yard bomb for a touchdown to #6. Torie Wagner to end the 3rd quarter 28-21. At the end of the fourth with 0:52 seconds left #10 Deonte Shields throws a miracle touchdown pass to #23 Carl Chance to tie the game up 28-28. OVERTIME Old Mill won the toss, they chose to go on defense QO score with another passing touchdown. Old Mill set of downs, they in turn score with a run. Then decide to go for two #1 Rob Chesson runs it in for a two point conversion. QO fans was in shock!

Final Score Old Mill 36 Quince Orchard 35

#10 Deonte Shields was 18/195  passing 2/6 rushing , 2 passing touchdown #1  had 26 carries and 218 yards a rushing

#7 Billy Plante  5/18 with 67 passing yards and 1 TD, int
# 6 Mark Green had 42 carries and 216 yards and 3 TDS

Story and Stats by Kyle Hall

Photos taken by Jeffrey Vogt of the event can be viewed and purchased at