Quince Orchard vs Churchill Football 4A Round #2 Playoffs

Friday nights game turned out to be tough for both teams, it is about 40 degrees at the Cougar Dome. With about 10 minutes to the start, the stands on the Cougars sides was packed. Churchill fills up quickly with fans just prior to the kickoff. Churchill played a tough game and came up short in the final seconds of the 2nd round playoffs  QO stalled and had to punt five minutes into the 1st qtr. QO Mark Green had a 60 yard TD called back for a holding penalty. QO advance to inside the 10 and fumbles on the snap.Churchill has a 30 yd pass smacked into the hands of Kenny Lange. Mark Green scores TD on a 10 yd. Churchill runs up the middle for TD. QO 3rd and five from the end zone, Mark Green scores TD #2 for the night. QO 14 CHS 14 Halftime. QO scores in the 3rd tr and misses the field goal. QO 20 – CHS 14. Churchill scores 3 minutes into 4th qtr. QO 20-CHS 21. QO decided to punts on a 4th and 1 with 3 minutes remaining CHS played a more defensive with their offense was forced to punt a minute later. With 7 seconds left on the clock QO scores a field goal to take the lead 23-21. QO kicks off and CHS did a great attempt to make their way up the field with a run that included several hand offs and laterals. The official who was keeping the time in the booth did not stop the clock as he should have and the clock had to be reset several times in the 4th qtr. It looks like Churchill showed up to win, but came up just a bit short. Great Game for both.


Churchill # 7 Curtis Kamara 14 carries with 110 yds, 1 touchdown, #5 Lansana Keita 8 of 12 completions for 68 passing yds, 32 rushing and 2 touchdowns, Defense recovered 2 fumbles and had four 3 and outs.

Quince Orchard #6 Mark Green 28 carries and 186 yards and 2 touchdowns, #7 Billy Plante 10 of 15 completions for 97 passing yards and rushing touchdown. QO had 6 3 and outs. #9  D’Andre Johnson 62 punt return. #20 Chris McPherson Field Goal.

Story by Jeffrey Vogt ***** Stats by Kyle Hall

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